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New Web Site For Activism

The cause of freedom wants YOU!

The China Support Network. Since 1989, we stand for Americans who value freedom and democracy for China. CSN. Answers the question, "where did all the anti-Communists go?" Quite simply, we are "with the students" from the Tiananmen Square massacre -- with democracy; the right side of history.

Can you be drafted and inducted? We'd like to borrow a few good activists.

We now stand with a huge opportunity. The best chance for our activism in years -- is the present campaign to "take the Olympics back" from Beijing, China for 2008!

And, we have a new web site! Now, Americans for freedom and democracy can brush up, catch up, or sign up with the China Support Network; and, help the campaign of protesting the "Olympic crackdown." [promote it!]

The new web site has set up a pressure letter -- a point-and-click affair -- allowing one and all to send outrage to the International Olympic Committee.

We want to ask for your help in reviewing or announcing this web site to your organization, your publication, or your friends. Help to promote the new web address, www.chinasupport.net.

This is an all-call, to build a huge "word of mouse" campaign! With completely new digs on the web, we want to reach as many people as possible with the new URL, right away! We want you to send e-mails, set up web links, join the mailing list -- let's prove that cyberspace activism is effective!

Chinese dissidents need us now.

Come surf, and help fight communism, dictatorship, torture, and tyranny!


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