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Chesterfield Residents Organizing Rally For Unity, against WCOTC

A call by a Chesterfield County residents for a peaceful rally to celebrate diversity and encourage an atmosphere of intokerance against bigotry.
Dear Friends in the Anti-Fascist Community,

The citizens of Chester are organizing their own
non-confrontational response to the WCOTC meeting
scheduled for 9/21. We want avoid creating the
confrontational scenes these people thrive on. They
especially love the media footage that shows them on
the receiving end of treatment that can be twisted to
depict them as victims of intolerance. They use this
footage to persuade potential members who might be
sympathetic but not militant that they are under
attack and must organize to defend themselves. Their
goal is to mobilize the latent racism in Chesterfield
county to join their cause.

What we propose as an alternative is a rally for unity
and tolerance at another location. We ultimately want
the community to focus on the positive, tolerant,
diverse, united community of Chester and ignore the
outside agitators who are trying to provoke a
confrontation in our town. Our goal is to let them
have their "war" with nobody there. They can walk
into the library, spew their hateful rhetoric, and
leave wondering why no one paid any attention.

We hope to achieve the following aims:

- Strengthen the tolerance that already exists in
- Create an environment that is hostile to hate and
- Avoid allowing the racists to draw attention to

I will forward more information when we have completed
our preparations and have time and place arranged.

Warmest Regards,
-Scott K

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