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Two "War on Terrorism" Events at VCU

These events are open to the public.
VCU group, Students for Political Awareness, presents the following two events next week; both open to the public:

1) Islamic Fundamentalism and the Radicalization of Osama Bin Ladin--a lecture by Dr. Dan Smith, Professor religious studies dept. and Dr. Robin Poulton, Professor VCU International Studies Dept. The lecture will be followed by an open forum discussion and question/answer session.

When: Monday, Nov. 18th @ 0700 PM

Where: VCU Student Commons Forum Room

(bring your burning questions)

2) What: Homeland Security Vs. Civil Liberties: A panel discussion on the different aspects of homeland security, including the structure and function of the Homeland Security Dept. while highlighting how much of our civil liberties we will be asked to give up to protect our America.

When: Wednesday, Nov. 20th @ 0700 PM

Where: VCU Student Commons Capital Ballroom A

for more information: email Zmarak (at) vcuspa.org or call 869-6655

Sneak Preview:

Tuesday, Nov 26th at 7:30pm
VCU Commons, Ballooms A and B
Rania Masri, an international peace activist will give a complete breakdown of the effects of the proposed war on Iraq. This will likely be the biggest event on VCU campus this semester. Don't miss it. Bring anyone you know who's still sitting on the fence about our governement's war agenda.

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