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Dissent is Patriotic: a Charlottesville Gathering for Peace

CHARLOTTESVILLE RALLY--explanation and details
RALLY/TEACH-in against the war
Wednesday, November 20th, 4-6pm
South steps of the U.Va. Rotunday, Charlottesville, Va.
Dear Fellow Radicals:
At the march in Richmond last weekend, Reema made an annoucnement about this event we're organizing in Charlottesville. We'd love to have people show up from all over the place. You should know though that it's "just a rally"--in other words, we're not marching anywhere and it's going to be fairly tame. This is a strategic decision on our part--at a very conservative school like U.Va., it's hard to get people to turn out for things.

What's awesome is that the group organizing this is a mix of your typical U.Va. brat, student council types, and radicals from Critical Mass. I am emphasizing the potential for beginning to radicalize the mainstream and accustom them to hearing the truth. I'm providing this background because I don't want people to show up for a protest and then be let down by it just being speakers.

That said, we do have an awesome lineup, and it would be great to see you! Directions are listed at the end of this message.


DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC: A Gathering for Peace
Wednesday, Nov. 20, 4:00-6:00pm.
U.Va. Rotunda, Lawn Side

speakers will include:

-Julian Bond, Professor of History and Chairman of the
Board for the NAACP
-Michael J. Smith, Human Rights specialist and Professor of
Political and Social Thought
-Abdul Aziz Sachedina, Professor of Religious Studies
-Elizabeth Thompson, Professor of Middle Eastern History
-Richard Barnett, Professor of South Asian Studies
-John McCutcheon, singer/songwriter
-Hilda Ward, poet

"Dissent is Patriotic: A Gathering for Peace" comes at a time when more and more everyday Americans have begun to find and use their diverse voices, calling for peace and sensible policy alternatives. Many different people oppose the war for many different reasons. "Dissent is Patriotic" will bring together a diverse range of professors, students, and community members, mainstream and radical, in an effort to deepen our understanding and clarify our thoughts on the issues at hand.

email questions to scj2y (at) virginia.edu

Sponsored by:
Amnesty International
Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice
Charlottesville Food Not Bombs
Critical Mass
Jefferson Literary and Debating Society
Peace and Social Concerns Committee of the Charlottesville
Friends Meeting
National Organization for Women at U.Va.
Quaker Worship Group at U.Va.
Students for Animal Rights
Students for Environmental Action

DISSENT IS PATRIOTIC--Wed, November 20, 4-6pm, Rotunda Steps


from richmond take 64W to Charlottesville. Take exit 118B for Rt. 29, and stay in the far right lane. Take an almost immediate exit for 29 Business. Off the exit ramp, go right onto Fontaine Ave. Fontaine becomes Jefferson Park Ave. Just go straight until you reach a T in the road, and then you want to find a place to park. There are a couple of pay lots, nothing is free 'till five except street parking. Once you're parked, ask anyone where the Lawn or the Rotunda are, and they'll be able to tell you.

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