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Spiritualism of Activism: Alan Clements Interview on KPFK (MP3)

1 hour interview with Clements on freedom, spiritualism and social activism

Alan Clements has lived a life of social activist and dharma teacher. 
As activists, we sometimes get a bit preoccupied with the news of the day, with
this or that fact or issue.  At least for many people, stepping back,
taking a deep breath, and considering spiritualism behind social activism is a
good thing.  On this score, Alan Clements has much insight.

He was on KPFK's
show with Michael
on November 14th, and I thought I'd toss up an MP3 file of the
show.  They talked quite a bit about his experience with activists in Burma
and Yugoslavia, and about the ideas he fleshed out in his new book, Instinct
For Freedom:  Finding Liberation Through Living
.  He took inspiration for the first part of the title from Noam Chomsky.

The show runs for about an
hour and the first three minutes are a musical introduction.  The MP3 file is about 10 megabytes. 


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