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activists enter Lewis and Clark celebration, disrupt festivities

activists unfurl banners and distribute pamphlets confronting Secretary of Interior Gale Norton
Early this morning, seven Charlottesville activists disrupted a celebration of two hundred years of imperalism at Monticello. At the kick off event for a three year celebration of the bicentenial of the Lewis and Clark expedition, activists charged Norton with continuing a cycle of violence and repression against indigenous peoples and the environment.

Activists distributed about 1000 pamphlets entitled: "Primer on the Career of Secretary Norton," and bearing the official seal of the Department of the Interior. Inside, the pamphlets detailed Norton's dismal record of support for big oil, white supremacy, and unwillingness to enforce even the most basic environmental regulations.

The activists were also able to unfurl two banners, reading: "Bush/Norton Destroy what Lewis and Clark Explored"
and "Stop Trashing Public Lands,
Stop Trampling Native Rights"
Banners were up for about two minutes until a native american in the audience actually pulled one down.

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