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Radical Pro Choice Action in DC this Wednesday...

Join radical pro-choice activists in opposing the Right to Life march that is happening this Wednesday in DC...

-- please circulate far and wide --



January 22, 2003 marks the 30th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court
ruling that legalized abortion in the US. The 1973 ruling marked a radical
transition in both the reproductive health and personal independence of
women across the nation, as the law proved to lift bloody coat hangers from
bloody hands and put in its place the power that only the freedom of choice
can provide.

But now, after spending 30 years ignorantly blanketed with the comfort of
having the law on our side, the radical community gradually forgot that the
freedom we consider a human right is seen by others as a "privilege." After
winning Roe, we moved on to new issues and failed to see that the
responsibility of our reproductive freedom was left in the hands of a few
bureaucratic organizations. At this pivotal time, we are teetering ever
closer to the day when the government will strip away a woman's right to
choose-- a right so essential that its nonexistence has become

The time has come for the radical community to open its eyes to a new
reality-- the Senate has just been turned over to the Republicans, Bush's
train of reject nominees is making its way back to the Senate floor, and the
slim pro-choice majority in the Supreme Court will hold on only as long as
the elderly Justices themselves. The threat is here. The time to act is

Join together with other pro-choice activists on Roe's anniversary. Take to
the streets of DC and bring your radical pom-poms, your raging rhythmic
drums, your most creative (non-fetus) art and you loud voices. When you
come to DC, bring your passion and as many pro-choice bodies as you can
find. Together we will raise our collective voice above those of the
opposition, and show DC and the American public the kind of celebration that
30 years of safe and legal abortion deserves.


The March for Life, which will take place on Wednesday, January 22, is an
annual event which draws several thousand pro-lifers from around the
country. These folks plan to rally in the streets of DC to demand the
overturn of Roe v. Wade. They will be meeting at 12 noon at the
Washington Monument for a rally, from there they will march down
Constitution Ave, passing the Supreme Court, and finishing at the Capital.


On the 22 we will convene at noon at the Washington Monument as well
(entering the march at a later point will be difficult). To find us, just
look for the group of people who look like they don't fit in due to lack of
Jesus pictures and bite-sized coffins. As the march takes off around
1, we will decide where we will be most effective and go there.

We will be holding a strategizing meeting on Thursday, January 16th at 7pm
in American University's Mary Graydon Center, room 200. Bring any supplies
you can think might be useful, we will be creating some art, and helping
Choice USA make some banners for a banner drop planned for the morning of
the action.

There will be a Radical Cheerleading squad participating in the action,
anyone interested in joining up can email or call the contacts below.

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (ours & theirs)

Jan 16 @ 7pm strategy session at American University Mary Graydon Center,
room 200.
Jan 22 @ morning rush hour -- Choice USA banner drops --followed by local
abortion clinic protection in the afternoon.
Jan 22 @ 9:30-11:30 -- Multi-Denominational Clergy Memorial for the Preborn
@ Senate auditorium in Senate Dirkson building at Constitution and 1st.
Jan 22 @ 12pm -- March for Life beginning at Washington Monument, see
www.marchforlife.org for more info.
Jan 22 @ 12pm -- Pro-Choice counter-protest/celebration at Washington
Jan 22 @ end of the march -- Silent No More, "survivors" of abortion give
testimonials on Mall about transformation from sinner to pro-lifer,
sponsored by NOEL, see www.helpafterabortion.com for more info.
Jan 22-23 -- Never Go Back pro-choice student leadership conference
sponsored by the Feminist Majority, see www.feministcampus.org for more


Corie: 202-246-1822, Corinne332 (at) aol.com
Michael: 202-213-3365, Michael (at) mutualaid.org


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