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Resist the Sorry State of the Union: Concert, Rally, Direct Action

Info and Call to Action for protests during Bush's State of The Union Address.

Resist the Sorry State of the Union - January 28 - Washington DC

WHAT: Direct Action March, Concert and Rally to challenge Bush’s assessment
of the State of the Union
WHEN: January 28, 2003 6 pm-2 am
WHERE: Westside US Capitol; Reflecting Pool at 3rd St. NW [March begins
WHO: Performances by Thievery Corporation, Milemarker, Mr. Lif, 1905, David
Rovics,  The Whips, 302 Acid, Jungle Jessi. Speakers include a response from
the US Green Party,  Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping, Rami
Fareed Asak of the Progressive Muslim Network and others to be announced.

Resistance is Burning in Our Hearts... Smash the State of the Union!
.Direct Action March on January 28th: Washington DC.

On January 28 George W. Bush will present his warped-ass view of the State of
the Union; a short, carefully worded speech devoid of any true thought or
compassion. As usual, this speech will gloss over the true state of the
nation and world, instead focussing on media friendly sound bites that avoid
any real solutions and serve as thin disguises for a platform of war, greed
and suffering. We call on everyone who is full of anger and rage at the
current state of the union and whose heart burns for a better world to take
to the streets in a confrontational resistance to the capitalist war machine.

Sometime around the 28th it's predicted that Bush and company will
launch their new war on Iraq. As the bombs fall in Iraq, resistance must
explode here in the United States to raise the costs of the US government to
wage war on Iraq. The fascists who attempt to control the world with their
iron fist of militarism and globalization must feel the heat from below. In
the spirit of people's resistance all over the globe let's give em hell in
streets of DC and expose the difference between the rhetoric of government
and the reality of the real state of the union.

In Washington, DC alone, this distinction is clear: while power mongers like
Bush dictate war from the lap of luxury in the White Wouse, over 12,000
people sleep on the streets freezing through the winter; 40% of children live
in poverty and DC has the highest aids rate per capita. This is a war in
itself. Around the country the recent round-ups, forced registrations, and
indefinite detentions of immigrants is reminiscent of the State of the Union
in Nazi Germany not of a free or prosperous society.

In DC and around the world it is clear that the war is already on, from the
sanctions on Iraq to US tax aid supporting Israel's war on Palestine, people
are suffering around the world due to capitalism and imperialism. This is a
war waged by the rich, and it effects the poor, the indigenous and people of
color - it effects all of us that refuse to accept the status quo.

So we'll hit the streets on Jan. 28th, we know the state will send hundreds
of thugs to repress us and the media will be on their side all the way, as
the glue that holds together and propagates the bullshit capitalist war
machine. So the media is our
target as well, as they pump the lies of the fascists in the white house and
the fools on capitol hill to the TV sets of millions of viewers the world
over. That's objectivity? Fuck that.

As Bush finishes his speech on the 28th, scores of scheming politicians and
mindless talking heads will offer reactions and analysis: we will offer ours
in the streets of Washington DC in a beautiful, impassioned and energetic
display of resistance...We're Fired Up, This is a call to all: Smash the
State of the Union!
Let's build a free society based on mutualaid, cooperation, solidarity, and
true wealth for all! 

When: Jan. 28, at the end of the State of the Union Address
Where: Gather near the State of the Union Concert and Rally to launch from
there. (Location info will be announced soon and will also be available at the concert)
What: A Fired Up March against Capitalism, Government, War and Exploitation
Plug In: Form Affinity Groups, or organize your exsisting group, collective,
friends, or organization to prepare to use the march as a launching point for
autnomous actions that reflect resistance and visions of a better world. We
are organizing in a spirit of trust and cooperation with fellow activists and
will not condem nor marginalize others based on their choosen forms of
resistance. More details to come...

Organizing and strategy meetings are happening now in DC. Contact us for more
info or plug in at strategy sessions occuring at the National Conference on
Organized Resistance on Jan 24 + 25.

Love and Rage,
Shirts Off Our Backs; The Anti-Capitalist Convergence, Left Turn, DC
Statehood Green Party, SUSTAIN and more.

Contact us: visibleresistance (at) mutualaid.org and 1-866-860-9311


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