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Local activist jailed for 6 months

suuport local Catholic Worker farms while activists serve prison terms
Our very own, Bill Frankel-Streit, of the Little Flower Catholic Worker farm in Louisa, has been sentenced to 6 months in prison for an act of civil disobedience. Please read below for an account of his action at the Pentagon and in the courtroom. Bill's imprisonment leaves his family
shorthanded on the farm during the cruical first growing season at theirnew piece of land in Louisa. Please help them during this time by making a trip to help garden, childcare, prepare meals, donate money, write
and/or visit Bill in prison (address at bottom of message), and offer kind words (540-967-5574).

Also, Bill's partner and fellow protester, Sue Frankel-Streit will be putting on a workshop on "Non-vionlence: the Spiritual and the Tactical"
at the RECLAIM conference on Saturday March 22nd, at either 9 or 11am (www.richmondpeace.org for more info). Sue and Bill both spent lengthy terms in prison for dismanteling a B-1 bomber just prior to the last war on Iraq (www.catholicworker.org). Consequently, that bomber did not fly any missions or kill any people, Bill and Sue got married, had three beautiful children and moved down here to build the non-violent revolution.

I hope Bill and Sue's continuing sacrifice shines a light that all of us can see. It's time for us to face our fears. While "the times they are a changin", a movement for justice at home and abroad will not come about without our active participation. The March 21-23 RECLAIM conference
belongs to all of you and I sincerely hope you will all bring your friends and neighbors to the many events and make the Sunday March the biggest in  


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