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Hells Bells!!!

Rainbow Confederates hurt the Confederate movement more than our enemies-I would like to clarify some things.
Okay. First, I would like to ask that Rainbow Reb please stop supporting Confederate Heritage. Go to the other side. Your kind in the Confederate Movement's ranks hurts us more than anything that our enemies could do. Without your kind and your fifth column tactics, the left-wing could not possibly make any headway against the Confederate Movement. The Confederacy was based on White Supremacy. On that there is no question. The Union was also based on White Supremacy, albeit a different kind than the South's. However, I am not a Northerner, but a proud White Southerner. As a proud White Southerner, I want to clarify that: a)We are not Nazis, but also we are not multicultural. We are simply proud to be White and proud to be Southerners. b)Token Negroes in the Confederate Movement do not change the fact that the Confederacy was White Supremacist. c)I am pro-White, not pro-slavery. You could not GIVE me a Negro, much less sell me one as a slave. d)You left-wingers can bite my ass. Rainbow Reb, you may not bite my ass. You may like it too much!!!

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