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DC's Deputy Corp Counsel

This asks that you investigate the circumstances under which the State of Virginia:Arlington, USG:Dept. of State, et al colluded to fabricate a case, throw me into the Mental Ward (I have liver/kidney conditions) where they held me hostage 1 month while they tried to have me exterminated/committed.
Arlington 13CH00000813-00 Prisoner 83662,Feb/Mar 2001:
Lutz Prager, DC's deputy corp counsel, is also an owner and board member (president) of Cleveland House Condo: Arlington. He either "moved" or "seconded" resolutions which had me arrested, thrown into the Mental WArd, and almost killed. The evidence was all INADMISSIBLE: Criminal Trespass, Entrance under False Pretense, or Fabricated. Yet this high -level DC official became accessory to this plot. Not one investigation has taken place.
While case was civil, once Arlington incarcerated me, case became Criminal requiring them to appoint a criminal attorney, hold hearings, post bond, etc. Arlington high-level officials did nothing but hold me HOSTAGE 1 month. While scam was exposed, they dropped charges and released me, this was Kidnap with Conspiracy to commit murder: Kidnap: premeditation; Conspiracy: Arlington's Kangaroo court, Mental Ward, Hostage 1 month, extortion of assets, etc.
Not one high-level official in Arlington or in Virginia's State government has investigated any of this.
eileencwhite3 (at) fastermail.com

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