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Radical Exchange / Solidarity with Argentina

We hope that through workshops and translations about social movements in Argentina we can begin to discuss new ways to organize in our own communities; to talk about autonomy, popular education and direct democracy by way of the example of social movements in Argentina.

In our translations we focus on materials written by the movements themselves, concentrating on methods of organization and strategic principals. Our focus thus far has been the MTD (unemployed workers movement) Anibel Veron. However, we are hoping to expand our work to include many other important causes in Argentina such as occupied and collectively run factories, neighbourhood assemblies and indigenous and campasino movements.

Translations are done by volunteers through the Radical Exchange list-serve, where volunteers select from a slowly growing archive the quantity and type of work they would like to do. Currently, finished translations are distributed on the internet or at workshops about these movements.

We hope to have built a large database of translations by July when the Radical Exchange will be participating in the South-East leg of the CrimethInc Barnstorming tour by facilitating workshops on social movements in Argentina. For this we need more volunteer translators.

Works already translated include “El Pikete” by MTD Solano, Part 5. of A Conversation with MTD Solano by MTD Solano and Collectivo Situaciones, and “Two Companions are on Thier Way” by MTD Lugano.

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