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It's 2003, do you know what the "Club for Growth" is?

"When the supply-siders at the Club for Growth decide to back a candidate who favors the economic policies of the Reagan era, donations don't just trickle down, they gush." -- Congressional Quarterly Today, Feb. 7, 2003
What was the Club for Growth's record in the 2002 Elections?
-- The Club for Growth won 17 out of 19 of our targeted races in the Nov. 5th election—a record of success that exceeded even our most optimistic forecasts. We also had a string of eight key victories in contested primaries.

-- Of the 33 GOP House Freshmen, 12 were elected with full Club for Growth backing. We're confident these twelve will be among the stars of the new class.

-- 5 of the 8 Senate GOP freshmen received substantial Club member support.

-- Club for Growth members were the NUMBER ONE source of bundled contributions to congressional candidates in the nation during the crucial last two and a half weeks leading to the election.

-- Our membership has exploded from 1,500 to 9,000 during this election cycle.

-- In the last election, the Club and its members delivered nearly as much campaign funding to Republican candidates as the #1 and #2 CORPORATE PACs combined.

-- The Club for Growth is now NUMBER ONE in funds for Republican candidates outside the Republican Party itself! And we gave it to the most deserving candidates, not the big-spending Republicans.

-- In the last election, you and other Club for Growth members raised or donated over $10 MILLION to the Club and Club-endorsed candidates. In 2000, Club for Growth members generated $2.4 million for our candidates and programs to help get our kind of candidates elected.

-- The respected NATIONAL JOURNAL ranked the Club as one of the most effective political organizations in America--an especially impressive accomplishment given that we are ONLY 3 YEARS OLD!

-- he leading liberal group that bundles members' contributions, Emily's List, went head to head against the Club in four races this year. The Club won ALL four contests.

-- The Club for Growth's lifetime record is now 8-2 against Emily's List candidates.

See: www.clubforgrowth.com/why.php

Who is Stephen Moore?
Stephen Moore is President of the Club for Growth and a contributing editor of NATIONAL REVIEW. He previously was the CATO INSTITUTE'S Director of Fiscal Policy Studies, and continues to serve as a Cato Senior Fellow. He is the co-author of It's Getting Better All the Time: 100 Greatest Trends of the Past 100 Years and author of Government: America's #1 Growth Industry.

Mr. Moore served as a Senior Economist at the Joint Economic Committee under Chairman DICK ARMEY of Texas. There, he advised Mr. Armey on budget, tax, and competitiveness issues. He was also an architect of the Armey flat tax proposal now before Congress.

From 1983 through 1987, Mr. Moore served as the Grover M. Hermann Fellow in Budgetary Affairs at the HERITAGE FOUNDATION. Mr. Moore has worked two presidential commissions. In 1988, he was a Special Consultant to the National Economic Commission. In 1987, he was Research director of PRESIDENT REAGAN's commission on Privatization.

Mr. Moore also serves on the economic board of advisors for TIME MAGAZINE; and is a regular contributor to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Human Events, and Reader's Digest. Mr. Moore has appeared on such television shows as CNN's Inside Politics, Crossfire and Moneyline, NBC's Nightly News, Fox Morning News, and The McLaughlin Group. The Associated Press recently wrote, "Moore has earned the wide respect of economists for his many forays into the entrails of taxation and budgetary matters."

Mr. Moore is also the author of Still an Open Door? U.S. Immigration Policy and the American Economy (American University Press, 1994); and Privatization: A Strategy for Taming the Deficit (The Heritage Foundation, 1988). He is also the editor of Restoring the Dream: What HOUSE REPUBLICANS Plan to Do Now to STRENGTHEN THE FAMILY, Balance the Budget, and REPLACE WELFARE (Times Mirror, 1995).

Mr. Moore is a graduate of the University of Illinois and holds an MA in Economics from George Mason University.

See: www.clubforgrowth.com/stephen.php

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