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The Problem is Bush

George Bush and his little disciples are gonna destroy the country.
Something has to be done about George W. Bush. His poor politics and bad decisions may quite possibly start World War III.
He hasn't been in office half a year and already he is pissing off countries around the world. It's bad enough that we have to deal with Fidel Castro, but of course this arrogant little redneck from Texas feels that he needs to bomb Baghdad, threaten China, and cause all out turmoil within his own country. His theory of force over negotiation will cause a war with another major country, in turn bringing that country's allies into the battle, and so on.
George Bush needs to realise that america is not as powerful as he thinks.
This whole apology thing with China has been dragged out for too long and now there is no way to stop it. If Bush apologises now then it will show that the country is to week to handle the preasure applied by China; however, if Bush doesn't apologise China will use secrets they have found on the recently crashed american spy plane. They will distribute these secrets to other countries. This could cause a war between China and America, which would inevitably lead to World War III.
Will somebody please tell me why Bush felt it neccesary to bomb Iraq. The first thing he does when he gets into office is bomb a country ehich has been relatively quiet in comparison to years past.
I for one can not figure out the motives of this lunatic we have in office, but I can tell you that whatever they are they will (and I stress the will) cause a war within the next four years.

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