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RAFL meeting cancelled due to family emergency!!!

Saturday, September 13th RAFL meeting cancelled due to family emergency. Answers to questions -more below...
My name is Dave, I go by Big Dave. C. J. (I call Carlyle that) asked me to post this despite the obvious hostility towards him and his proposed anti-fascist group known as RAFL. First and of foremost importance, the Saturday, September 13th first meeting of RAFL has been cancelled due to an emergency in C. J.'s family. I hope everything is okay there. Second, he has been accused of posing as a Nazi and I know this is not true. I will now answer several questions that have been asked on this forum.
First, yes, he lives in F-burg, but was attending VCU part time as a Pol-Sci major. He very much wanted to form an anti-fascist group here, but the paranoia and hostility here is so thick you can cut it with a chainsaw!!! (Attacked by fascists? Get over yourselves!!!) Especially from IMC, the people you would think would jump to an anti-fascist's defense!!! I could not attend the get US out of Iraq rally in F-burg that day, but if C. J. says he talked with A. T., I have to conclude one of three things: first, A. T. is lying, second, there is another person calling himself A. T. running around or third, he got his names mixed up with his faces. He would NEVER deliberately make such a glaring error. Second, the reason that C. J. used A. T.'s name as an endorsement is that he understood that his name carried a lot of weight in the activist community. (Targeted by fascists? Get over yourself!!!)There were others in F-burg that encouraged him to start an anti-fascist group, albeit in F-burg. It now appears that that will be the case because of the problems that people such as Zach, A. T. and IMC have caused for C. J. in Richmond. Stop taking yourselves so seriously!!! You are not the only anti-fascists in town!!!
Now, I will be the first to tell everyone that C. J. is not too bright in the ways of organizing people. He is fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants, and it shows. I admit that the way he tried to introduce himself was a bit unusual, but his heart was in the right place. However, it seems that Richmond will not accept him and that is a shame. Well, you WILL be hearing from him soon in F-burg, as soon as he takes care of some personal stuff. I think Richmond's activist community owes C. J. a heartfelt apology. Finally, as far as C. J. accusing A. T. of being a spy, he did NOT accuse him, he just related what he heard. I see others have weighed in on those rumors as well, so he is obviously not the only person to have heard such rumors. It does not mean one believes rumors by stating what one heard. He even said he did not believe them and hoped they were not true, but was questioning why what he thought was a lie by saying he never talked to C. J. Well, Richmond, I hope you are happy. You have really caused C. J. a headache, as if he did not have enough to deal with. Now, if any of you out there STILL think we are Nazis, believe what you want. We know the truth.

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