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RAFL meeting cancelled

Yes the RAFL meeting at Alley Katz has been cancelled due to an emergency in Carlyle Jameson's family. Plus, all the hostility from Richmond's activist community has made him reconsider...
I posted yesterday that the RAFL meeting was cancelled. Apparently, IMC cannot take criticism for being wrong for assuming that we were Nazis posing as activists (just as some small-minded Richmond activists cannot admit that they were wrong!). I and C. J. (I call Carlyle that) had no idea that activism in Richmond was so elitist and snobbish!!! An honest mistake was made, either on C. J.'s part or A. T.'s part, but all C. J. got was shit on!!! Well, I expect this posting to be removed as well, but I was trying to inform people that the meeting at Alley Katz on Saturday, September 13th, is cancelled. C. J. has abandoned his plans to attend VCU and has moved back to F-burg. He will start a chapter up here. Free from rumors and egotistical people.

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