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GLOBALIZATION: A SIMPLE DEFINITION-“Diez horas con la globalización”(google)


According to the book “DIEZ HORAS CON LA GLOBALIZACION” (amazon, google, yahoo, netbiblo, Foro-los retos de la globalización, elcorteingles, netbiblo, indymedia.org..)

Author: Oscar Sanchez Fernandez de la Vega (google).
ofdelavega (at) edu.xunta.es

GLOBALIZATION: A SIMPLE DEFINITION-“Diez horas con la globalización”(google)

Basically it is the RESULT OF the CONFLUENCE OF FOUR CAUSES, which are not necessarily independent, but which must be differentiated:

Cause 1-The worldwide economy (Consequence as well of: improvement of communications, opening of borders, slope costs you transport, geographic fragmentation of the production, improves of the international trade in general, improvement of the global financing and the new strategic alliances between the technology and the companies and institutions).

Cause 2-The appearance of new and important technologies in the two last decades.

Cause 3-The planetary cover of the communications (Satellite-mobile phonesl-Internet, very recent).

Cause 4-The importance that is taking the innovation, in the economic processes
(it improves the productivity and it allows the companies to be more competitive in the global market).

As any phenomenon it has characteristics and causes consequences.

The globalization is CHARACTERIZED by:

A-It has no precedents in the last two decades (the confluence of the four causes only takes place in the two last decades and especially in the last one).

B-It’s an objective phenomenon (it does not depend on our way of thinking or feeling).

C-It’s multidimensional (it is shown in multiple aspects: economic, political, social, cultural...).

D-It’s asynchronous in its beginnings (developed aspects exist more than others and it is clear that the financial globalization more is more developed than the fight to avoid the agressions to natural and human means, or the human rights).

E- It’s Multicentric from the geographic point of view (it is not total there are zones to which Internet does not go, for example).

--The disappearance of useless intermediaries, (not only it is interesting for economy and commerce, but the democratic quality con be improved).
--The changes in the trasmision of intelligence in the organizations(we are changing from piramidales to other flater organizations and a greater power of decision in the local units).
--Death of the distance.
--New importance of geography (which it can give rise to a new apartheid, that in my book I denominate : “alineación of the knowledge”).
--Acceleration of the time. (with the consequent anguish that it causes and provoking the necessity to rescue the time, it does not stop to lose it calmly but to help to create the nuclei of assimilation of the knowledge which they allow to give to passage to one fourth wave (In Alvin Toffler sense) -“The Society of the Udeful Knowledge” and a future firth wave “The Society of the human beings” –The “human beings” exists in same us like a future possibility).
--The critical appearance of a global terrorism.
--Critical movements with the global process.
--The importance of the factor knowledge.
--A new form to make economy.

--The universalizatión is more possible that ever.
--Simultaneously it can get to allows that small things if they are not trivial and have a meaning adquire importance.
--Problems in the sequential access to the knowledge questioned by the general information spreading.
--Impossibility to monopolize the information.
--Passage to a commercial and productive system spreading from the mass consum to a more diversified one.
--Global constitutionalismo.
--The possible improvement of the democratic quality.
--A new civil society.
--The exposition of a planetary governability.
--The universalizatión of the ecological human rights and.
--Problems for old the old state-nation in Europe.
--Revival of the town-nation.
--The compatibility between the local and global.


1-Globalizatión is not equal to worldwide of the economy,it is something else (it is clear that the possibility that our children can communicate their neuroquímicos affective impulses through the network does not have anything to do with the worldwide of the economy).

2-The global phenomenon is a very recent phenomenon (one or two decades).

Author: Oscar Sánchez Fernández de la ega (GOOGLE)
ofdelavega (at) edu.xunta.es

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1.-El birth of New Era.
2-Tribute : the fourth and firth wave-Of the "Society of the Information" to the "Society of the Useful Knoweledge " - Of the "Society of the Useful Knowledge" to the "Society of the Human beings". A new type of alienation: the one of "Conocimiento".
3-Consequences of globalization
3.1-Acceleration of the time
3.2-La agony of the distance and the new importance of geography.
3.3-La disappearance of useless intermediaries
3.4--The changes in the trasmision of intelligence in the organizations.
3.5-Soberania, nationalism and Globalization.
3.6-Homogenety, diversety and globalization
3.7-Economy and globalizatión
3.7.1-La increasing importance of the factor knowledge
3.7.2-Una new form to make economy.
3.7.3-Market and Globalizacio'n.
3.7.4-Poverty, wealth and procces global.
3.7.5-Empleo and Globalizacion
33.8-Proces and changes in the model educativo.
3.9-Globalización and l humans rights
3.11-Globalización and terrorism.
3.12-From the illusion: a call to general the kind knowledge
.13-General Globalization Scheme

4-Europe process and the U.S.A. before the New Era.
4.1-Una approach to strategic Problema.
4.2-Errores committed by economic Europa.
4.3-Motivos that they explain the differential of growth between the U.E and the U.S.A. in last De'cada.
4.3.1-Enumeracio'n of motivos
4.3.2-El technological delay of Europe with respect to EE.UU.
4.3.3-Crecimiento, inflation and productividad.
4.3.4 the European Central bank: an institution with limitaciones.4.3.5 Differences between the types of interest between the U.S.A. and Europe before last quinquenio.4.3.6 Petro'leo and Euro.4.3.7 Delay of Europe in the field of informática.4.3.8 Delay of Europe in Internet.4.3.9 the model of the market of work in Europe and EE.UU.4.3.10 the stock market European captive of the "Dow Jones" and the "Nasdaq".4.3.11 the capital-risk in the United States and Europa.4.3.12 Delay of Europe in outsourcing.4.3.13 Other economic reasons (for capital of strategic sectors to power in situations of uncertainty attitude and, performance, hard, control, enterprise spirit, concentration valuation intangible towards futuro).4.4 political Construction europea.Bibliografía

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