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FTAA ACTIONS UPDATE: Local Events and Coverage Links

As FTAA protests come to a victorious close in Quebec City and around the world, here's a summary of how Virginia participated in protesting against the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.

In Harrisonburg, on Friday April 20, a group affiliated with the Progressive Coalition dropped a banner from the roof of the James Madison University dining hall, pictured here. This was just one of the many actions they took in order to spread awareness about corporate power and specifically about the FTAA. To read more, follow this link.

In Blacksburg, FTAA Unorganizing NRV issued a challenge to residents-at-large: "We want you to take it all off! That's right! Join us in saying 'no' to NAFTA, 'no' to the FTAA and 'no' to continuing corporate by saying 'no' to underwear on April 20th." Their aim is to encourage local residents to examine their daily consumer choices by questioning the conditions under which their underwear and other products were made. We have not yet heard how their challenge was met, but to read more, click here.

Old Dominion University held a forum on globalization on Thursday, April 19. Sponsored by the ODU Greens, the event included participants on both sides of the globalization debate. On the same day in Richmond, a forum on "The Second Conquest: Native Peoples and Globalization" took place and included speakers on indigenous rights and native women's economies.

For coverage of the protests in Quebec City and around the United States, the Richmond IMC recommends the following Indymedia sites:
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