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CHARLOTTESVILLE LIVING WAGE: Direct Action Ends with Arrests

This past Friday the 13th, Charlottesville's downtown mall was witness to a march of "worker devils" and "corporate angels". Costumed living wage activists, accompanied by enormous puppets, made their way through the outside mall and to the Omni hotel. Described as "illustrious, extravagent, poverty-wage payin'", that evening the Omni was hosting a 200-person state treasurer association dinner.

While angels and devils outside the hotel played out a satrical argument, inside four activists chained themselves to the hotel's two elevators after taping signs to the elevator interior that read "living wage now" and "Omni pays poverty wages." Meanwhile, yet another pair of activists gained access to the roof of the hotel and dropped two long "living wage now" banners.

After forty minutes of struggling to remove the chained activists, police arrested all four: Nicholas Graber-Grace, Spot Etal, Abi Miller, and Andrew Holden. Around fifteen activists accompanied the arrested protesters to the magistrate's office, where they protested until the four were released with a tresspass charge several hours later.
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