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ALL WE CAN DO: Links That Might Help

At a time like this, there is not much the Richmond IMC is capable right now of helping you with. We can offer support by keeping our site up and running so that Virginians can continue to share their thoughts and feelings, as well as post information about events, such as vigils, that they may be planning. Unfortunately we're having technical problems that make it impossible for people to post comments to stories. We very much regret that that makes our IMC a difficult place to engage in needed dialogue, and we are working on the problem.

The other thing we can do is offer direction by providing links to informative and balanced news coverage. We recommend Common Dreams Newscenter and ZNet, the online home of Z Magazine for their thoughtful and knowledgable articles. We also recommend Mediachannel for their indepth and diverse media analysis. We of course recommend all indymedia sites as way to keep in touch with the thoughts and feelings of all of our brothers and sisters. In particular, we recommend Global Indymedia, DC Indymedia, and New York City Indymedia.

For people concerned about how Tuesday's tragedy will effect the planned protests against the World Bank and IMF at the end of this month in DC, we recommend you frequently check www.globalizethis.org, the online organizing site for the protests, and in particular the "What do you think?" page added to cope with Tuesday's events, where folks are sharing their reactions and suggestions. As soon as it's available, Richmond IMC will be carrying any news on how local organizations that had intended on going may alter their plans.


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