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IT'S GETTIN' HOT IN HERE: ELF Arrives Just In Time For The Holidays

It seems that the Earth Liberation Front, an ecological resistance movement, has been taking action in the Richmond area against pollution, suburban sprawl, and the ecologically and culturally devastating fast food industry. The actions which have included vandalizing SUVs and defacing corporate fast food restaurants, are getting national attention including a recent article in the NY Times and an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. As of yet the ELF cell operating in the Richmond area has made no public statements about its actions, but has etched the initials "ELF" on SUVs in the yuppie infested West End ,on a McDonald's restaurant, and other targets.

Richmond activists have expressed mixed opinions about the ELF actions. Several essays have been published on the IMC newswire by Inconquistada and wispy in support of the ELF. However, some people feel that the actions are an inappropriate tactic to affect social change. Got an opinion? Post it to the newswire.

For more information on what's wrong with SUVs, McDonald's, and capitalist exploitation of the environment click on the links below.
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