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WE KNOW WHAT'S UP: Richmond Radical News Briefs

The Richmond Coalition for a Living Wage mobilized to city hall this week to protest city council's voting to increase the pay of city manager Calvin Jamison while thousands of Richmonders live in poverty. Activists held up signs spelling out, "Living Wage Now!" and witnessed firsthand the city's negligence of the working poor. Read more...

As the Bush administration searches for every reason to destroy Iraq, the scripted build-up to war has given opponents lots of time to respond. Go to A.N.S.W.E.R.'s Jan.18 anti-war march in D.C. or go to Charlottesville for an anti-genocide protest.

Localities and cities throughout the country are planning emergency response situations to occur the day after the U.S. officially escalates the bombing of Iraq or begins its invasion. The Virginia anti-war network has agreed to perform coordinated responses throughout the state the day after the official declaration occurs. In Richmond, activists plan to gather at noon the day after at the Federal Building at 10th and Main Streets.

Also, the weekend of the winter solstice will see some interesting actions. Attend Richmond's Women in Black vigil or the Anarchist Encuentro on Saturday. Food Not Bombs is raising money for Palestinian medical relief by selling keffiyehs. Buy a keffiyeh for Palestinian solidarity


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