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TOO LEGIT TO QUIT: Now Or Never: Resistance To War Increases

The clock is ticking as many folks in Richmond realize there’s little time to spare to head off the government’s conquest of Iraq. Many hearts, hands and minds are busy putting their efforts toward stopping the Bush administration’s war-mongering schemes.

On Jan. 6, as hundreds of workers arrived at the Pentagon, three Virginian Catholic Workers poured human blood on the doors of the complex’s metro entrance while a crowd of 60 stood with banners demanding an end to war. The three men were arrested along with eleven others who were charged with “failure to disperse.” “The Pentagon’s business is war and war is a bloody business. The U.S. empire is buillt on the blood of the poor and the innocent. Our actions merely make visible that reality,” said Bill Frankel-Streit and Steve Baggarly Williams. Read one Catholic Worker’s account.

Richmonders Against War and Racism, The Better Days Collective, and Richmond Food Not Bombs will mobilize on Jan.18 for a massive anti-war rally and march in D.C. sponsored by ANSWER. At 8 a.m. all are invited to meet at Richmond’s Second Baptist Church (1400 Idlewood Ave.) to carpool to D.C. Both FNB and the Better Days Collective will attend a percussion protest feeder march where thousands will engage in rhythmic resistance to the war. The feeder march, sponsored by Positive Force, SUSTAIN (Stop US Tax Aid To Israel Now), Anti-Capitalist Convergence-DC, Left Turn, D.C. Statehood Green Party, the Better Days Collective, and Richmond Food Not Bombs, begins at noon at Union Station and will march to ANSWER’s huge anti-war rally.

Also on Jan.18 war resisters in Charlottesville have planned a day of protest against the war. This rally was originally planned when George W. himself was scheduled to appear at the bicentennial celebration of the Lewis & Clark expedition. Bush backed out, but Charlottesville expects a “high ranking government official” to attend the celebration of those bold explorers, who laid the path for the genocide of First Nations people West of the Mississippi. Virginians plan to show up in force and speak out both against the disgusting celebration of the genocide of First Nations people and the genocidal war on the Iraqi people.

One week later, on Jan. 24, members of the Better Days Collective and others are planning a road trip to Pittsburgh to participate in a protest against the war organized by Pittsburgh Organizing Group, the Thomas Merton Center and others. If you want to keep abreast of what’s happening during the protests why not check out the newly created Pittsburgh Independant Media Center. As Jan. 27 is the deadline for U.N. inspectors to report back as to whether Iraq is in compliance with the security council resolution this is a crucial weekend to make dissent heard loud and clear.

If the Bush regime does mobilize U.S. forces against Iraq, Richmonders plan to hold an emergency response rally. A call has been issued to assemble at noon the day AFTER war is declared. Come to 10th & Main Streets with signs, banners, attitude, and voice your outrage against our government’s bloodthirsty conquest of Iraq!


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