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MILLIONS SAY NO TO WAR!: From Global Resistance To Local Persistence

Over a million took the streets of London. Half a million raised their voices in New York City (READ: Sue Frankel-Streit’s account.) Jews and Palestinians marched together in Israel and the entire population of a small town called Perth, Australia protested together.

February 15th was truly a day of massive global resistance to the US empire’s plans to wage war upon Iraq. In hundreds of cities all across the world millions took a stand against another war for oil, political control and imperialism. Check out Infoshop.org’s special February 15th newswire to see pictures and read accounts about the global day of protest. The cracks in the US government’s schemes are starting to show and all of us here in Virginia need to keep up the resistance!

On Friday March 21st through Saturday March 23rd Richmond will be hosting RECLAIM: a conference on community, war and oppression. This gathering will be a place to continue building a statewide movement for social justice against the US government’s “endless war”. We’ve got flyers, plans, schemes and dreams. If you want to help promote or plan the conference drop an e-mail to a16rva@hotmail.com.

On Saturday March 15th the Virginia Anti-War Network will be hosting a GI Rights Counseling Training in Hopewell, VA. Come for an all day hands-on, skill building session that will equip you with knowledge to help counsel enlisted folks about conscientous objector status, GI rights and legal troubles.

OK now for some recent Richmond news.

Last week notorious white supremacist Ron Doggett held a protest in opposition to the planned statue of Abraham Lincoln. Several Richmond radicals stumbled upon the protest and had a good time driving around the block heckling Doggett and his gang, while a few decided to hang out accross the street in opposition to the rally. Read the Times-Dispatch article.

Free Palestine Now recently took their VCU Israel Divestment Campaign a step further with a day of street theatre on VCU campus (READ: Emily Harry’s account.) Richmond IMC’s Jen Lawhorne has provided us with an article about this inspiring Palestinan solidarity group and their divestment campaign.

Norman Schwarzkopf came to town in February and we held a protest urging him to send a message to George W Bush: Back Off Iraq! (READ: Jen Lawhorne’s account of the protest)

Well that ends this installment of Richmond Indymedia. But before we go here are some inspiring pictures of the defaced National Guard Recruting Center on Broad St.


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