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WE GOT THE HOOK UP! HOLLER IF YOU HEAR US!: Global Justice Movement Picks Up Where Anti-War Movement Left Off

Anti-capitalist forces exploded back on the scene last weekend, facing brutal repression from police forces during G8 Summit protests in France and Switzerland. Colorful displays of resistance along with Black Bloc barricades hindered talks between delegations from the eight ruling global oligarchies Ė France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Check out UK Indymedia for full reports.

The intensity of G8 protests, which have occurred for longer than a decade as part of the global justice movement, signal the continuation of the demand by people everywhere for fair economic, environmental and social policies. The strength of the worldwide anti-war movement largely drew from the infrastructure of the global justice movement and we now see the two combining to simultaneously fight for just domestic and international policy.

A key place where the convergence of these struggles is occurring is in the Occupied Territories of Palestine. One of Richmondís own, Free Palestine Now! activist Chris Lucas, has traveled to the West Bank as part of Christian Peacemaking Team efforts. He has published two accounts [ 1 , 2 ] on our newswire, describing his encounters with Palestinians whose homes have been summarily demolished by the Israeli government, and conversations with Zionist settlers who justify their illegal presence on stolen land. Stayed tuned to your Richmond IMC for more report backs from our intrepid activist in the field.

While anti-capitalists represent in Europe and Chris Lucas bears witness in the Mideast, folks here at home have been acutely focused on the situation in Iraq and the draconian decrees of the Bush administration. Independent reports from the Middle East combat the mainstream media blackout of news that no longer serves profiteering purposes. The availability of diverse viewpoints faces a bleak future as media moguls celebrate the destruction of FCC regulations that protect the public against media monopolization. Despite fierce and extremely widespread resistance from the public and private sector, the government once again proved itís in the pocket of corporate interests.

Last weekend, thousands turned out at the United For Peace Teach-In to hear respected voices from both the anti-war and global justice movements give comprehensive rundowns on what the Bush administration has wrought upon people at home and abroad. The weekend also saw the highly venerated Noam Chomsky speak in D.C. for the first time in a decade to support the SUSTAIN campaign to stop U.S. tax aid to Israel. Two thousand people flocked to the event, including IMC reporter Jason Guard who offers an insightful account of the straight talk delivered by Chomsky.

Please heed the calls for solidarity with Virginian anti-war activists who face court dates in June. Eight people arrested in Norfolk as a result of Motherís Day actions will appear before a judge on June 25 and four people arrested at Sen. John Warnerís office in Richmond have their trial on June 18. Support these people of conscience by keeping up-to-date on their cases and remembering them in your hearts.


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