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NOT IN OUR BACKYARD!: Protesters denounce Cheney appearance

Vice president Dick Cheney, a symbol of corporate greed and government corruption, visited Richmond Monday for a $1,000 a plate fundraiser to keep the Bush oil junta in power as part of the administration's reelection drive.

Never a group to miss out on a protest, Richmond Food Not Bombs mobilized a demonstration outside of the hotel where the fundraiser luncheon was held. Calling the government out for its lies, inhumane wars on defenseless countries and close ties to the military and energy industry, demonstrators did their best to make those entering the Jefferson hotel feel uncomfortable about what they were doing. Read on...

As the administration drives the government into bankruptcy with tax cuts and increased military spending, social services that people fought so hard for dangle on a precarious thread. Plans for more empire expansion loom on the horizon while our environment and independent media face ominous futures. We can't take another four years, we know it and its time to mobilize.


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