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WTO SHUTDOWN!: Failed negotiations a major victory for global justice

Standing up and fighting together, people fervently assembled throughout the world last week in solidarity and in struggle to force the failure of the World Trade Organization's fifth ministerial meeting. Successful on the ground actions in Cancun combined with resistance from developing countries and worldwide protests have left the progress of corporate neoliberalism at a standstill Sunday evening.

Militant demonstrations of tens of thousands of people with strong international farmer and union presences thronged at the gates of WTO meetings in Cancun all week, witnessing the tragic suicide of Korean farmer Lee Kyung Hae, whose death symbolized the deaths and starvation of countless farmers every day as a result of WTO policies. Inside the ministerial, developing nations formed a tight block refusing to submit to the demands of rich, industrialized countries as hundreds of solidarity actions occurred in more than 34 countries. Read more

The resolute Indymedia Media movement was there to document the people's coup as last week's events barely received a peep in mainstream media. September 13 solidarity actions, the largest global convergence since February anti-war demonstrations, gave the world's people a huge victory in turning the tide against corporate globalization. Photos [1, 2]

Richmond participated in the international day of action on Saturday as 60 to 80 people rallied and marched to the grounds of the Ethyl corporation, one of Richmond's notoriously toxic hometown companies.
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