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Richmond Radical News Briefs: VCU Rallies for Better Worker Wages; City Discusses Patriot Act

As Richmondís top job producer, Virginia Commonwealth University employs hundreds of student workers and contracts thousands more workers who earn minimum wages. That's all about to change as the university has been targeted by a campaign that is demanding worker justice with living wage pay. A spin-off of the Richmond Coalition for a Living Wage, the VCU Living Wage campaign is organizing students and workers and held its first campus rally this Wednesday. Read on

Later that day, people gathered to learn more about the USA PATRIOT Act at the Virginia Holocaust Museum and to contribute to the growing resistance against this severe expansion of U.S. government power. The forum, including a panel discussion and questions from the audience, promised more action and vigilance against the PATRIOT act in the future. Listen to the audio Read the IMC article


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