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MWC Living Wage: Workers Gagged by administration!!

Workers from the Mary Washington College Living Wage Campaign have been threatened with dismissal and further penalites upon mention of the campaign at MWC graduation.
The administration has THREATENED the groundskeepers and housekeepers with DISMISSAL AND FURTHER PENALTIES if they mention the MWC Living Wage Campaign!

The Living Wage Campaign is a coalition of workers, students, and faculty at Mary Washington College seeking fair pay for the college’s lowest paid employees. The lowest pay for full-time work (which most of the groundskeepers and housekeepers receive) is $16,844/yr, well below the poverty line. Many Mary Washington workers take 2 or 3 jobs just to get by.

We call for full-time pay
for full-time work!

The Living Wage Campaign has repeatedly requested a informational meeting with Rick Hurley, the Executive Vice President of the school. Despite a rally of 200 students and workers in April, he refused to meet with the campaign for information gathering, mistakenly citing it as illegal under the Virginia Code. The meeting we have requested is certainly not illegal; we have told him this, with no response.

Take ACTION! Support the MWC Living Wage Campaign and email Rick Hurley at rhurley (at) mwc.edu and tell him not to gag campus workers!
Contact: Aaron Samsel- Asams9hw (at) mwc.edu

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