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Instruction Chain

The chain of commands is well-defined
The chain of commands is well-defined more than ever in a fascist military dictatorship. To hold a country under control, overran with an offensive war it's required to bandy fear and horror like Nazis have used in Poland, Russia, Yugoslavia and Greece. The fascist Bastard Rumsfeld and his masturbating jumping jack has assumed this bestial Nazi strategy of oppression one to one. Up to 90 percent of Iraqi get jailed and tortured preemptive to break down any think about resistance. The idea behind is that prisoners free again carry forward the fear to all family members like a virus to achieve a involuntary submission aginst US arbitrary rulers and to cut the backup for resistance fighters. This is a ingenious system in which no single offender can adjudge standalone. Not without good reason the former chief of Guantanamo torturer Base, the child abuser General majors Geoffrey Miller has been called for Iraq. This bastard is now authorized to cover up the future torture conditions of Abu Ghraib and all other US torture camps in Iraq. At September in previous year this American bestial swine has visited Abu Ghraib to advise miltary police and civil torture contractors on 'more effective interrogate..' and '..optimized preparation of prisoners' means optimized torture.
In Orwell "1984" the Ministry of Truth (the media) constantly changes truth for lies in order to generate something for people to cheer about, because people need to be kept busy, and more importantly, they all need something to believe in. So the war on Terror must go on

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