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Calling for Forest Protection In Virginia and Nationwide!

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson will be in Richmond on Tuesday, May 25th, speaking at 7pm at the VCU Pace Center, 700 W. Franklin Ave.

The Presidents have returned to speak about the problems they see taking place in the two Virginia National Forests named after them. Traveling with the Founding Fathers is a 6.5 Ft. diameter Douglas Fir stump - nicknamed DOUG - from an ancient 420 year old tree recently logged from a western National Forest.
In addition to Presidential speeches and a chance to "Hug the Doug," the evening presentation at the Pace Center will include music and a talk on Roadless Areas in Virginia.

Virginia Forest Watch is sponsoring this event. For more information, call 434-249-7032.

Picture attached of Presidents Washington & Jefferson.
For images of the DOUG, visit www.ForestRoadshow.org

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