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Weekend of Activism, Resistance, and Networking in Hampton Roads

Hampton Roads Food Not Bombs and the Unite-Resist-Reclaim Collective invites everyone to come on down for a weekend of resistance, activism, & networking. We have a rally in front of the Norfolk Health dept planned,a speaker tour from West Virginia to talk on mountain top removal, coal mining, and the destruction of the Appalachia, as well as a movie screening of "Pickaxe" and workshops
There is limited camp space available. Please contact Amanda & JP at 757-622-5759, or e-mail us at uniteresistreclaim (at) yahoo.com . This is also the number for the convergence space and welcome center at the Unite-Resist-Reclaim apt. and will be up and going on wed. morning the 28th. We have limited housing for those who cannot camp. Please let us know in advance how many folks are coming and any special needs they may require so we can do our best to accommodate everyone. Below is list of events to be held and their location. This list will be updated often up until the events and you can check on it at the Unite-Resist-Reclaim Collective website

July 30th

2-4pm- Rally at Norfolk Health Dept. Corner of Colley Ave & Brambleton Ave
The city of Norfolk has shut the local chapter of FNB down for "lack of permits".We have recently been trying to contact them to try and come to an agreement, as there is another group in the area that feeds but they have been granted permits. The difference is that we feed in public areas to draw attention to the problems of the homeless and hungry. This is a clear cut case of discrimination and we hope to be able to expose it as such. Our support has declined drastically because of the harassment we received and we lost our place to cook because we had no "permit".
When we tried to get the permits we needed they couldn't give us a straight answer. At one point they said we need catering equipment, business liscences, a location to be approved by the city and a whole list of other requirements.We tried to set up a face to face meeting, but the head person,Mrs Snyder, will not agree to set one up until she had a list of questions answered which she never faxed to us and does not return our calls. We hope to get enough folks out to Question why the Norfolk Health Department doesn't want hungry people fed. Food will be provided on location by Hampton Roads Food Not Bombs.

4:30-7pm Workshops at Plum Point Park
1 block from health Dept.
Workshops by local activists and guerrilla workshops. We invite folks to put on their own workshops and skill shares.

SAT July 31st

2-4 pm- Mountain Top Removal, Coal Mining, and the Destruction of the Appalachia Larchmont Library 6525 Hampton Blvd
A Speaker tour from West Virginia with Larry Gibson from the Stanley Heirs Foundation.
"In mountaintop removal, entire mountaintops are blasted away to reach reserves of low-sulfur coal. The leftover dirt and rocks, or "spoil," are dumped into adjacent valleys, burying streams. Where permits for these operations were once issued for numbers of acres, they are today quantified in terms of square miles. Accordingly, this escalation in the size of operations correlates to the volume of the valley fills -- where fills used to be smaller than 250,000 cubic yards each, they can now fill as much as 250 million cubic yards each, and extend the stream burial up to two miles. " -----------From wvrivers.org
Larry Gibson, was born on Kayford Mountain. But he moved to Cleveland with his family as a child. After retiring from General Motors on disability in the early 1980s, he returned to West Virginia, and his mountain. He found the family's 500 acres had shrunk to 50 acres. The coal company had acquired the rest.
The battle began. First he began cleaning the large graveyard. In 1992, he formed a nonprofit foundation of the Stanley family heirs. They have a small campground of little houses and house trailers, along with one new log cabin. Some of the people who return to camp grew up on the mountain. They remember that once there was open land for farming. Coal for warming the house came out of the side of the mountain. Food came from the land, which was abundant with berries and game. Now the family members gather on holidays for cookouts and song fests. Sometimes Gibson invites dignitaries to speak at the gatherings, hoping for more publicity and support for saving the mountain.
In 2001 vandals burned down one of Mr. Gibson's cabins near his family Cemetary, This happened the same night that 2 strangers approached his main cabin but were apperently scared off by Mr. Gibson being home and luckily for him, not asleep

7pm -Screening of "Pickaxe" and discussion for Fall delegation to West Virginia Location TBA

An arsonist burns 9000 acres of protected old-growth public forest in Oregon that can not be logged unless it burns. To stop the proposed "salvage" logging of this incredible ancient forest, citizens are moved to blockade a road and keep the government out. After facing down a bulldozer and the State Police, the fort now known as the gateway to the Cascadia Free State becomes the focus for a developing community dedicated to protecting ancient forests throughout the mountains of Oregon. The film shows confrontations with disgruntled loggers, mass arrests and a 75 day hunger strike.
Back at Warner Creek activists build teepees and remain a living blockade on the logging road through the winter and ten feet of snow. Political pressure begins to shift and the White House promises a deal but not before Federal Agents come to bust the camp and destroy the fort. The story resolves with incredible footage of a mass jail break-in and unconditional victory for the forest. This inspiring documentary is two years in the making, and crafted from footage shot by more than two dozen people involved in the struggle to save Warner Creek.
Principal photography and direction are by guerrilla videographer Tim Lewis, award winner at WorldFest in 1998. Codirector/producer Tim Ream was involved in the action on and off the screen. ---------From CrimethInc website

This will be followed by a discussion on the planned Fall delegation to W VA.

Sunday Aug.1st
Workshops and Social Time Location TBA

Workshops will be held in the morning to early afternoon. The location and times as well as some workshops descriptions wil be posted up shortly on the website.There is a rope swing not far from the camping area and convergence space. We also hope to get some pic up games of soccer.Hope to see you here!!

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