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The Only Love That Lasts

How To Beat George Bush:

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Kelly’s Ten Point Plan
1) Replace Electoral College System with direct popular vote, winner take all.
2) Maintain the proper balance of power between the executive, legislative, and judicial domains with financial integrity. The Federal government shall not go into debt, except by a two-thirds vote of the citizenry.
3) Avoid usurpation of power by undue influence of money. The House of Representatives shall truly become the House of the People, with all votes cast direct from the people.
4) Voting is compulsory, heavy fines for those who fail to cast their ballot. American citizens over eighteen years of age shall have the right and obligation to vote wherever they may be in the world.
5) Create an advisory council consisting of all living ex-presidents, elder statesmen, and distinguished civil servants to serve for life. This will serve our president and give guidance to our citizenry by way of Internet postings.
6) Universal Health Care is an ethical mandate and shall be established, beginning with the children of our nation. Equal rights for women shall be added to the Constitution.
7) Education is a value, not an issue, and must rise above success-seeking and ego exaltation to the business of living and the pursuit of wisdom. Special attention must go to training of statesmen and philosophers in establishing instruments of peace, especially at the United Nations.
8) Place independent civilian control over the military-industrial complex. Integrate homeland security, especially the unwatched ships at sea. During periods of economic softness, the unemployed shall be utilized by the military and paid accordingly, promoting 100% employment, stability, and optimum growth.
9) Export our ideas of democracy by importing the brightest of foreign nations, educating them in our ways, and returning them to lead their brethren, and thereby promote global democracy, rather than imposing our system on them.
10)Embrace all nations, and promote the Golden Rule and free trade as vessels of
peace. Corporation America, no longer an echo of greed, must augment their self-serving
profit interests with increasing social service to advance our society by recognizing the
Brotherhood of Man.

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