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Counter-inaugural.org Up and Running

http://www.counter-inaugural.org is up and running. Housing boards, events boards, and everything you need to help make the 2005 counter-inauguration a success.
facilitating protest around the 2005 presidential inauguration

The counter-inaugural web team has launched the new www.counter-inaugural.org web site. We have automated boards for folks to post their Working groups, supporting Organizations (for all you folks who have emailed us,) resources needed and offered, housing needed and offered, and event calendar. A volunteer crew of vetters will review your posts for content and post them to the site.

(Ride boards will be up soon - we have something really good in the works for that...)

This is a beginning - the site will most likely expand and evolve in features and content as we go on.

Please try out the site, and send feedback to webteam@counter-inaugural.org - we are under severe time, cash, and sleep constraints, but we want to make this site a useful (and even fun) organizing tool for all your counter-convention needs.

For more information, please join the counter-inauguration listserves.

For moderated (1-5 emails a day) announcements, please send a blank email to counter-inauguration-subscribe@lists.riseup.net.

For unmoderated, high volume open (and sometimes contentious) discussion (15-20 emails a day on average) related to the counter-inauguration, please send a blank email to stop-the-inauguration-subscribe@lists.riseup.net.

Many events are in the works. If you or your group is sponsoring any, please post them to the new website. Help get the word out, and let's make this an event to remember.

Keep checking the site. It is now being updated many times a day.


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