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"Showdown in Seattle" Dec. 2 video showing and discussion

On Thursday Dec. 2 at 7:30 PM the Flying Brick library will host a viewing of "Showdown in Seattle" and various media associated with the 1999 anti-WTO protests in Seattle, Washington to mark the 5 year anniversary. Snacks provided, discussion encouraged.
Five years ago this week, tens of thousands of activists of all persuasions descended on Seattle, Washington for meetings of the World Trade Organization. By the time the week was over, hundreds were arrested and beaten by police, the opening day of meetings was shut down, Seattle had seen its biggest riots ever and the meetings ended in a stalemate as third world nations battled global powers over Human rights abuses, environmental devestation and labor rights. These protests marked the beginning of a widespread movement critiquing and opposing capitalism within the United States.

Since then the political climate and the anti-capitalist movement have dramatically changed due in large part to the events of September 11. The Flying Brick library will be showing the film "Showdown in Seattle" and have archived articles and objects from those protests on view. Hopefully discussion will follow the movie.

Thursday Dec. 2 506 S. Pine St. 7:30 PM
no alcohol, wheelchair accessible with minor assistance.

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