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vote 'YES' online for peace

online voting goes on until Tuesday at noon. (Eastern time)
Vote 'YES' if only because the person who has been leading the 'NO' campaign is an idiot spreading misinformation.


americans_vs_osama (at) yahoo.com wrote:

Greetings to you all. I write to ask you for your support by taking a moment to vote in an online poll from my town's local newspaper.
Go to: www.mountaintimes.com

The question posed is "Do local peace demonstrations deserve coverage on the front page of The Mountain Times?" I urge you to vote NO. I also plead with you to email everyone you can and urge them to vote NO on this poll. Please read below for my reasoning.

I live in a small mountain community in North Carolina. Recently our town has been besieged by an anti-American protest group. This group calls itself "Concerned Citizens for Peace".

Calling for "peace" this group has begun holding protest rallies wherein they blast the United States for its war on terrorism. One of the leaders of the group is masterminding the anti-American propaganda from within the confines of a jail cell. He was incarcerated several months ago for inciting a riot and resisting arrest. He has many followers in my town, most of which are college-
age hippies. Our local papers print his every letter which he sends to them, denouncing America.

I have personally spoken with several members of this "peace" group. The are openly praising Timothy McVeigh for killing hundreds of Americans in the Oklahoma City bombing. According to these "peace" activists, more attacks on America are needed to show us the "evil
ways of our capitalist free-enterprise system".

These people are gaining momemtum and followers. Our local newspaper editor is intrigued by this group and provides front page coverage for them regularly. The editor also prints pages worth of opinion letters from this group, while restricting the voice of the majority of us who stand in support of our troops and country. Our freedom of
speech has been muffled by this biased newspaper editor.

I defend freedom of speech. However, I do not support the incessant coverage of this anti-American group while those of us who support our leaders and military are silenced.

Please vote to stop the front page coverage of the "citizens for peace". They don't stand for peace as long as they openly praise the death of Americans from terrorism.


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