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Richmond Community Space Project dissolves

The Richmond Community Space Project has disbanded and disbursed our resources five years after our inception in 2000.
Between early 2000 and 2003, a constantly changing group of radicals from the Richmond area worked towards the goal of opening and establishing an anarchist-based community center somewhere in the downtown core. Our vision included a book, seed and art supply lending library, archived documents, computer and internet access, a cooperative food distro and public space for meetings, workshops, performances or whatever other cultural and political events meshed with the vision of creating a more just and equal society. The group had its first meetings in wake of the November-December 1999 anti-WTO protests in Seattle, Washington. We saw the creation of a community space as a significant contribution to and necessary infrastructure for the work being done around issues of corporate globalization.

The group consisted of anywhere from 12 to 3 members and met primarily in our homes. We laid a lot of groundwork for the creation of a space and managed to raise some funds through various events such as benefit dinners and brunches, yardsales and donations from lectures. We also managed to collect resources in the form of books, magazines, seeds, art supplies and computer equipment. During that time we set up and supported various shows, workshops and skillshares. We came very close to actually signing the lease on a couple of places. In the end, however, we were unable to actualize our vision.

The material resources of the rcsp (NOT the rQsp) have found their way to various parts of Richmond. Seeds were used in a community garden on Marshall street as well as many other gardens in town. The majority of the computers as well as some of the reading materials were donated to the newly opened Neighborhood Resource Center in Fulton Hill. A large portion of the reading materials and books that were to be the core of the community space are now housed at the Flying Brick Lending Library in Oregon Hill. The library currently holds approximately 2000 bound titles, 100's of periodicals, zines, archives, comic books, and a small collection of audio and video. You can contact the library at ratsoup (at) hotmail.com.

As members of the community space we felt it was our responsibility to honor the wishes of everyone who showed support for us in the past by distributing our resources to causes which emulate the same principles we strove to further in our day. In that spirit, the money that we managed to scrape together has been donated to groups in Richmond that continue to fight oppression and struggle for a more free society. With gratitude and pride we've divided the funds among the following deserving groups: the Neighborhood Resource Center, the Defenders for Freedom, Justice, and Equality, Richmond Food Not Bombs, Richmond Indymedia, the Flying Brick Library, the Richmond Queer Space Project, the Virginia Organizing Project and the Richmond Coalition for a Living Wage. Thankyou to all of these groups for keeping hope for a better city and world alive. It is our hope that these groups will thrive and work together to build a stronger, freer, and just Richmond. Thankyou to everyone in Richmond who ever supported our efforts as a group. Better days are born within our hearts.

Keep the struggle alive.

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