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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Oaxaca under marshal law

The city of Oaxaca lives now under marshal law; civil guarantees and human rights are nonexistent.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Puppets and Protest at the SOA: Why I keep going back

annual SOA protest an opportunity to create community and strengthen resolve for long-haul resistance work

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:NOW Challenges Bush Appointment of Anti-Contraception Doctor to...

...Head Federal Family Planning Office~Interview with Kim Gandy, president of the National Organization for Women, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

Play "Prisoner Count Standing" by Roadside Theater

Virginia "Prisoner Count Standing"
Personal stories of VA prisoner & prison employees...Free Admission
Thursday, November 30, 2006 @ 7pm
Wesley Memorial United Methodist Church
1720 Mechanicsville Turnpike
Richmond, VA 23223
I-64 Mechanicsville Turnpike WEST Exit

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News :: Peace & War

Israel Violates Truce, Palestinian Fighters Retaliate

Israeli troops were still inside Gaza despite a statement from the army that all had withdrawn.
Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for firing three rockets and said that since Gaza and the West Bank are a unit, it would not agree to a ceasefire unless Israeli military activity also ended in the occupied West Bank.

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News :: Environment

Help Ban Strip Mining in Tennessee

We are about to abolish strip mining in Tennessee with your help!

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Oaxaca’s popular movement suffers yet another brutal day

A peaceful protest in Oaxaca was repressed by the federal police stationed in the center of the city. By nightfall, a few people were reported killed, hundreds arrested and hurt and many disappeared.

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News :: Elections & Legislation : Globalization : Housing : Peace & War

Socialist Party Makes Big Gains In The Netherlands

Dutch voters were fed up with both the ruling Christian Democrat (CDA) government led by Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenede as well as the powerful Labor Party (PvdA) and Liberal Party (VVD). All three parties have carried out the policies of austerity and privatization that are components of the drive for higher corporate profit as well as integration into the capitalist European Union.

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Commentary :: Protest Activity

Marcos: “We Are On the Eve of Either a Great Uprising or a Civil War?

"President" Calderón Will Begin to Fall from the Day He Takes Office, warns the Speaker of the EZLN.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Mexican Government Fears Spread of Oaxaca Civil Society Uprising

Interview with Jonathan Treat, journalist living in Mexico, Oaxaca, conducted by Between the Lines' Scott Harris

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