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Announcement :: Environment : Gender and Sexuality : Women

Planting trees for the Earth, for Michelle


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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:Israeli Massacre of 19 Civilians in Gaza Spurs Movement Toward a...

...New Palestinian Unity Government~Interview with Nadia Hijab, senior fellow at the Institute for Palestine Studies, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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Review :: Race & Ethnicity

The Black Holocaust, An International Event

There are more than 220,000,000 Blacks that have been affected by the Black Holocaust and even today is depressing over one half of the two billion Blacks on six continents. Any reparation would bankrupt our present day world banking system; however reparation must and needs to begin.

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News :: Right Wing

Makram Chams of Titan Corp & 9/11 fame sues Daniel Hopsicker

Makram Majid Chams of Lebanon,Saudi Arabia,Titan Corporation,San Diego,and Venice,Florida during events leading up to 9/11,and last known to be with W Bush's allies in Saudi Arabia,is suing Daniel Hopsicker of www.madcowprod.com !

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

La inmortalidad de la revolución cubana

"Veo una revolución que ha pasado a ser universal, algo que las personas admiran porque conocen lo que Cuba ha logrado a nivel mundial" —Ken Livingstone, alcalde de Londres.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

OAXACA: One night at Cinco Señores Barricade.

In one of Oaxacas hotspots the youth resists paramiltary attacks.

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News :: Peace & War

Despite U.S. Threats, Voters Return Sandinistas To Power

The Sandinista revolution, upon coming to power in 1979, confiscated the land that had been held by the Somoza family and some of his closet cronies and redistributed it to the poor that worked it partly through establishing collectively run state farms. The Sandinistas also made literacy and healthcare a priority. Easily treated diseases that Somoza let kill and maim, such as polio, were vaccinated against and eliminated. Teaching everyone to read and write became a priority in the country where Somoza once declared he wanted “… uneducated people, little more than beasts of burden.?

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News :: Elections & Legislation

Elections Are Over, Gas Prices Are Up

The 2006 Election results have been posted within the past few days and gasoline prices have already begun to show increases throughout the entire State of California and in some areas prices have increased 10 to 15 cents. Alexander says, “The greatest challenge Americans are facing to stop rising gasoline prices is not being organized to demand lower prices at the pumps. It is unfortunate that America’s one party system is keeping the nation divided on this front to protect the oil giants.?

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Announcement :: Protest Activity

Converge at Fort Benning: November 17-19, 2006; Commemorate the Victims and Celebrate the Resistance


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News :: Globalization

Jerry Weller,Rios Montt,Bancafe Guatemala, Bawag Austria,Refco y 'Acciones de Centavos'

Jerry Weller ,congresista estadounidense y esposo de Zury Ríos Montt o Zury Ríos Sosa, hija del ex dictador Guatemalteco Efrain Rios Montt, has recibido donaciones politicos de Refco en su estado de Illinois.Refco estuvo parte de Chicago Mercantile Exchange antes de su colapso. Ahora Bancafe de Guatemala o Barbados o Miami o Colombia o donde sea es sinonimo con Refco o deben hacer.Y el 'negocio' mas grande de Refco en cuanto a acciones o 'seguridades' fueron 'penny stocks' de los Estados Unidos o 'acciones de centavos' sin valor.

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