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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : Elections & Legislation : International Relations : Protest Activity

"Philippine President" Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is the Coddler of Criminals

dodong-nemenzo-laban-ng-masa.jpgYesterday, former University of the Philippines president and Laban ng Masa (Struggle of the Masses) Chairperson, Dr. Francisco "Dodong" Nemenzo, Jr and ten others were charged with obstruction of justice for allegedly harboring fugitive rebel soldiers belonging to the Magdalo group which the government believed to be involved in the July 2003 failed coup.

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News :: Peace & War

Did VA Hide Figures Showing 1 in 4 US Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan Disabled From Service?

by Democracy Now

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News :: Globalization : Indymedia : International Relations : Miscellaneous : Peace & War

Is War with Iran the October Surprise?

A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer, Captain May, delves into the dark issue of whether the Bush admininstration has already planned its October surprise in the form of a war with Iran -- and whether the American Establishment is going along with the idea.

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Commentary :: Gender and Sexuality

The Mark Foley scandal: Where is the crime? Down with this reactionary crusade!

It is the capitalists and their parties who politicize sex. They claim to be defending the innocent and vulnerable, but anyone who has seen the pictures from Abu Ghraib prison knows that this government doesn't give a damn about sexual torture and molestation. Their real intent is to persecute anyone who strays outside the completely artificial bounds prescribed by the patriarchal, heterosexual bourgeois family, and in the process arrogate to themselves ever greater police powers.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights


El informe de la “Comisión para la Asistencia a una Cuba Libre?, dado a conocer por el presidente George W. Bush el 6 de mayo de 2004, constituye la legitimación de la llamada doctrina Bush de “cambio de régimen? para el caso de Cuba y representa una escalada en la agresividad del gobierno de los Estados Unidos contra nuestro país.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Catastrophic failure

Out now.

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News :: Right Wing

George Allen, Weak on National Security

...from Alice Marshall:

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News :: Elections & Legislation

Getting 'Frist Fucked','Naked Shorted' and other Republican Stock Frauds......

The term 'frist fucked',(rhymes with Crist,who's the Repugnicon gubernatorial candidate to replace Jeb Bush in Florida),is a term I created,inspired by Republican presidential campaign hopeful Bill Frist 's dumping of his family's HCA Inc stock shares ahead of bad news that caused the stock price to drop in 2005.It can also be used to describe the way the W Bush Regime of penny stock con artists,drug and petroleum traffickers and money launderers treat their fellow Americans in matters of national security as well as stock fraud in general that they perpetrate on 'their own people'.

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Commentary :: Crime & Police

Has Mumia's Favorite Cult Killed Again?

The article MOVE and Mumia would rather you not see

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News :: Education

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