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Announcement :: Protest Activity

National Emergency March on Washington, Sat. Aug 12: Defend Palestine & Lebanon

Saturday, August 12, 12 Noon, at the White House: NATIONAL EMERGENCY MARCH ON WASHINGTON! Defend the People of Palestine and Lebanon! Stop the U.S.-Israeli War! From Iraq to Lebanon to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime! Stop U.S. Aid to Israel! Support the Palestinian People's Right to Return! Money for Jobs and Education, Not for War and Occupation!

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Commentary :: Media

9/11, 3/11, 7/11 Terror Dates - Is there an "embedded code," and can we use it to save ourselves?

Captain May, Ghost Troop cyber infowar commander, uses his training in military intelligence and languages (Latin, Greek, Russian and Spanish) to cryptanalysis (code-break) present day false flag operations by our government.

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Commentary :: Peace & War


International Action Center statement:


July 13, 2006

The blood in Gaza and Lebanon is on George Bush's hands. The bombs,
shells and missiles now pounding Lebanese and Palestinian cities and
villages, wiping out entire families and leaving hundreds of thousands
without power or water, are made in the U.S. So are the planes and
cannons that launch them.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

The Death Penalty Experiment Has Failed

Brandon Hedrick and Michael Lenz are to be executed by Virginia on July 20 and July 27. Their executions are furhter proof that the death penalty is a failed experiment.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

World War / Infowar Analysis

Chase Untermeyer
US Ambassador to Qatar
Ghost Troop Chaplain (Ret.)

Dear Chase,

I'm sorry I've been so elusive these last couple of days, as the last thing on earth I want to do is leave my former Ghost Troop chaplain waiting when he wants to meet. Alas, though, I can't help it! My cell phone has been misbehaving, and I just received your kind messages inviting me into Houston to have some coffee at one of our old hang-outs.

I was wondering whether you were still coming to Houston for a brief annual visit, and appreciate that, now that you're here, everyone in the Bayou City wants a bit of your time! The majority of the "official" world likes to say that I'm an off-beat, off-base ex-intelligence officer, but the fact that the Ambassador to Qatar would favor me with repeated calls to get together and discuss infowar argues strongly to the contrary, and for this continued distinction from you I’m most grateful!

As Ghost Troop has enjoyed a great recruiting spell lately, there are many readers to our ongoing and open correspondence who don't know you yet, so allow me to make introductions:

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Announcement :: Globalization


Mobilization for Global Justice (MGJ) has endorsed the following call, written and distributed by Jubilee South, a coalition of social movements throughout the Global South who are resisting illegitimate debts and IMF/World Bank policies. The statement calls on people worldwide to take action in their own communities against the IMF/World Bank the week of September 14-20, while the institutions meet in Singapore.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Daniel Ellsberg: Vietnam, Iraq and the Voters' Pledge

The goal of this coalition is to build a base of antiwar voters that cannot be ignored by anyone running for office in the United States. We want millions of voters to sign the pledge and say no to pro-war candidates.

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Announcement :: Animal Rights

Vegetarian Festival Benefit Dinner

On Friday July 14th the fourth annual dinner to raise funds for the Richmond Vegetarian Festival.
This event will take place at the Virginia Crossings Resort in Glen Allen, VA. A four course Vegan meal will be served. Course 1 Roasted Garlic and white bean soup, Course 2 Tavern Salad, Course 3 Penne Pasta with nicoise olives, spinach, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes and olive oil. Course 4 Roasted apple cobler with Vegan ice cream. You can also look forward to live entertainment, a silent auction, and a well stocked cash bar. For more info e-mail chris@ca4a or 804-691-2139

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Commentary :: Protest Activity

A Soldier's View: Forgotton Sacrifice

This commentary on America today was written by U.S. Air Force Captain F. John Duresky, currently stationed in Iraq. It was published in The Washington Post on July 5, 2006.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

911 Truth and Texas Terror

This important article by Captain Eric May, founder of the renowned
cyber-intelligence antiwar group, Ghost Troop, was published in
abridged form by the Lone Star Iconoclast, which is the paper of
record for Crawford, Texas, where George W. Bush has his summer
residence. It is most striking because it analyzes the dangers of a
Bush terror strike in the near future, stating that Texas is the
foremost target.

What was published by the Iconoclast is an abridgement of the
original. As you'll find from what's below, this original version
contains invaluable insights on the latest advances of the American
911 Truth Movement. It is also quite specific as to the debt the
"infowar" community of 911 researchers (Captain May included) owe to

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