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Commentary :: Environment

global internet government

vote for me for president

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Interview :: Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War : Protest Activity


Tel-Aviv and Washington are linked in the Middle East. That's a fact. But the importance of this link in Washington's colonial politics is being debated in the anti-imperialist movement. For the US, Jewish, anti-Zionist journalist Jeffrey Blankfort, Israeli influence is central to US policy and the anti-war movement has failed because of its inability to understand the importance of this lobby. Having developed a radical approach to this question, going so far as to deny the energy factor in the war in Iraq, Mr. Blankfort nonetheless opens interesting paths on Zionist influence in the United States. We reproduce an interview he gave to journalist Silvia Cattori.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:The Ecological Footprint Offers a Tool to Measure Human Consumption of...

...Resources ~ Interview with Mathis Wackernagel, co-creator of the Ecological Footprint, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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News :: Children

The Gospel of Judas - "Jesus Wasn't Crucified"


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News :: Right Wing

Oprah - 9/11 show, PLEASE!

Oprah did a show about the Iraq war, just
before it was launched that should have made
the rest of the "News" media blush. I think
she's up to the challenge of finding answers
to the questions of 911.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : International Relations

Filipino Social Democrats assure extreme leftist BAYAN solons case against them very strong

Sison-NDF-Consultant-BAYAN.jpgJesuit priest Fr. Romeo J. Intengan, one of the founding leaders of the Partido Demokratiko-Sosyalista ng Pilipinas (PDSP) and author of the Ateneo study asserting that party-list lawmakers belonging to the extreme left channeled millions of pork barrel funds to communist rebels, slammed anew the party-list solons. “The details that BAYAN MUNA party-list Rep. Satur Ocampo and his colleagues (Rafael Mariano, and Teodoro Casiño of BAYAN MUNA; Liza Maza of GABRIELA; Joel Virador Crispin Beltran of ANAKPAWIS) want, regarding the diversion of their pork barrel funds to abet communist insurgency, are now part of the evidence in the rebellion charges being filed by government against them,? Intengan said.

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News :: Miscellaneous

New(ish) Artspace/Infoshop! In Santa Cruz, California


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Review :: Historical Reclamation : Peace & War : Race & Ethnicity : Right Wing

Banking on Our Ignorance: A holocaust denier is taken on by his cousin

The more ignorant or unfamiliar you are with and about statecraft, the easier people who want to perpetuate war can manipulate you. So committments to war or peace or radical sanity take form, and an intensifying radical's radical dialogue
"becomes" between two persons who like each other at face value (and some years of background history). This communication may be instructive for those who want to better understand aggression and its rationalizations in order to ju-jitsu the worst of what happens when beliefs are allowed to bear the ugly fruits of perpetual war.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : Historical Reclamation : Peace & War : Protest Activity

Populist #26

Responsibility and War Powers

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News :: International Relations

Hersh on Iran, Nir Rosen, Iraq Docs, Brain Drain, Baghdad Battle, Desertions

Here are some articles relevant to Iraq and the Middle East.

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