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Announcement :: Gender and Sexuality

Queeruption 9

You are invited to the 9th Queeruption in Tel-Aviv, August 2006!

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Interview :: Civil & Human Rights : Prisons

URGENT UPDATE: Prison Bureau Moves Leonard Peltier Twice in Six Weeks

Prison Bureau harasses Peltier with two prison transfers and solitary confinement. Your letters, faxes, phone calls requested and urgently needed to protect his health and well being.

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News :: Peace & War

Analysis: 'Black August' in Iraq

by Martin Sieff, UPI Senior News Analyst
17 Aug 2005
Published August 15, 2005

WASHINGTON -- It is "Black August" for American soldiers in iraq. Devastating improvements in shaped charges and multiple-piled mines used by Sunni Muslim insurgents there have enabled them to inflict massive casualties on U.S. forces.

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Announcement :: Labor & Class

Announcement "Anticompetitivist Ideology"

Is born the first great ideology of the millenium!
Is born the anticompetitivist ideology of the "full effective and obligatory occupation (of all the families) for law", of the successive and innovative historical phase regarding the Socialism, of the anticycling of the economy, ("the second phase" of the democracy, that one "material") and of the peace.

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Commentary :: Right Wing

Between the Crosses

author: Daniel Borgström e-mail:e-mail: daniel41 (at) lycos.com
Some thoughts that crossed my mind after hearing Cindy Sheehan speak

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Crime & Police : Environment : Peace & War : Protest Activity

Whose streets? Our Streets? Environmental group faces legal battle over Critical Mass bike ride.

The future of Critical Mass in New York City remains uncertain, as environmental group TIME’S UP! is forced to foot the bill for an impending court battle.

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News :: Indymedia

Networking: GM, GE embracing Java

Companies are using Java to needlessly spy on employees.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

Cindy Sheehan, Mother of Slain Soldier, Demands Meeting with...

...President Bush on Iraq War ~ Interview with Cindy Sheehan, mother of American soldier killed in Iraq, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

RIOTS : Comparision between Rajive Gandhi and Narendra Modi

RIOTS : Comparision between Rajive Gandhi and Narendra Modi

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News :: Crime & Police

NY times Publishes Firemens' testimonies of Terror today

The brave firemen tell of terror in the WTC attack. It could have been prevented but high governmental traitors have been covering this up. The truth is unravelling, and indictments have been issued to PANC members.

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