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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights

The Black Holocaust- a Day of Remembrance

We must start by understanding that the Black Holocaust is the greatest tragedy that has occurred in all the history of mankind; this is significant and where we must begin. We can now end our oppression; we must establish a universal basic income, we must guarantee a universal health care system, we must guarantee affordable housing for everyone and we must protect the rights of working class people, and today more than 99.9 % of all Blacks are in the working class.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

How to solve the double standard


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News :: Education : Globalization : International Relations

secrets of Chinese multinationals, stock market, venture capital, banking, politics, job

Why is China moving ahead fast? Get detailed info on leading Chinese multinationals Haier, TCL, Huawei, China Telecomm, China Mobile, China Oil, Bank of China, Galanz, Shanghai Auto Group, and China Construction Bank from 3 timely books.

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Commentary :: Elections & Legislation

Lynn Rozar Wants Straight Answers from Socialist

In a letter dated December 31, 2007, Lynn Rozar and his wife, from Greeneville, Tennessee, want to know my position on some issues concerning the average person: WITH JUST SOME STRAIGHT SIMPLE ANSWERS FOR A CHANGE.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

It's over and you did nothing

This is a very serious article....learn about the USA HIV Aids Patents and learn about the NWO plans for world de-population

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : International Relations : Peace & War : Protest Activity

VOTE PSL in 2008: End the Criminal Israeli Blockade of Gaza Now!

The Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) is fielding a slate of candidates in the 2008 U.S. presidential elections: Gloria La Riva for President and Eugene Puryear for Vice President. The La Riva/Puryear presidential campaign demands an immediate lifting of the Israeli blockade, an end to U.S. aid to Israel and self-determination for the Palestinian people. The candidates joined the emergency protests to "End the Israeli Siege of Gaza" that book place across the country on Jan. 25-26.

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights

BTL:US Intensified Bombing Campaigns in Iraq & Afghanistan Breed Fear & Hatred

BETWEEN THE LINES Syndicated Radio Newsmagazine --Weekly Summary

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News :: International Relations

Staged photos from Gaza


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News :: Environment

International peace walk - London to Geneva through France

The nuclear industry threatens us all. Today there is an urgent call for global action to break the cycle of mass destruction.

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News :: Right Wing

9/11,Florida,Mohamed Atta:Titan Corp's Makram Chams Suspends U.S. Constitution

I have never heard Mr.Chams version of events in Venice,Florida and his association with Mohamed Atta there and of how he came to be the owner of the Kwik-Check that cashed Mohamed Atta's $70,000 check from Dubai.

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