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News :: Children : Gender and Sexuality : Labor & Class : Prisons : Urban Development

USA puts farmers and Gardeners in Prisons. Are You next?

Monsanto Keeps Up Attack on Seed Saving Farmers and Gardeners, and is destroying local Family farmers.

Will the USA coporaton Monsanto take away your Job and ravish your Family?

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Commentary :: Labor & Class

Jewellery Workers in China Dying of Incurable Lung Disease

Work safety is an issue of major concern for millions of workers in China, especially those working in naturally high-risk industries. Many factory owners and managers in China routinely ignore their legal obligation to provide proper and effective safety regimes and necessary protective equipment for their workers. Besides allowing the employers virtual impunity in this regard, the government's inability or lack of will to enforce the country's own laws and regulations on occupational health and safety places the lives of countless Chinese workers under daily threat.

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News :: Right Wing

Tell Your Senators to Oppose Christopher Cox as New SEC Chairman

author: Lee Drutman, CitizenWorks.org

Opposition to Christopher Cox as the next chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission is mounting. But your Senators need to hear that you oppose putting this dangerous right-wing free-market ideologue in charge of the SEC.

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News :: Environment

Website up for July 8 No G8 East Coast Convergence

We now have a website up for the Mountain Justice Summer No G8 solidarity action at Massey Coal in Richmond, VA July 8
for more info contact communitiesagainstcoal (at) yahoo.com
for housing contact: richmondhousing (at) riseup.net

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Commentary :: Right Wing

Dump Bush and the Congress he rode in on

author: Sasha Bergman

In the Northwest, most people I know have (at least) a healthy dose of scepticism towards Federal Government solutions to our problems. Even outside the more liberal population centers of Portland and Seattle, many Northwesterners have rejected the new paradigm and started working towards a better future.

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Commentary :: Right Wing

Who do you think was behind Sept 11th?

author: the prim greaper

now here's someone thinking along the lines of yours truly:
[scroll down to post w/chimp avatar]


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News :: Children : Civil & Human Rights : Environment : Protest Activity

Successfull week of Anti-MountaintopRemoval activity in Lexington

During the week of June 13 in Lexington, KY, a meal of toxic coal sludge scraped out of a stream in eastern Kentucky was delivered to the president of a coal advocacy group, hundreds of concerned citizens attended an anti-mountain top removal (MTR) rally and march that ended at Kentucky Utility's headquarters, a film festival educated Lexingtonians about the dangers of strip mining and its repercussions, and activists passed out literature on the streets, all part of Mountain Justice Summer's week in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Commentary :: Environment

Oil, CO2, Environment, Climate, War

author: Caroline Arnold

We need a new revolution - not an armed, adversarial revolution, but a peaceable revolution in what we buy, how we use energy, how we distribute and assess information, and in how we allow ourselves to be governed.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

To See or Not to See That New Horror Film


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News :: Indymedia

Wireless World: Some kinks in the system

A story about rogue capitalists that ruin WiFi.

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