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News :: International Relations


We present an animated graphic and a NUMBER of video clips showing numerous predetonations of explosives during the demolitions of the WTC towers.

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News :: Protest Activity

The Danger of the Christian Fascists and the Challenges This Poses

When we talk about the dangers posed by the Christian Fascists and the configuration in ruling structures of U.S. society now, some people say, "Are you people just trying to scare people into scurrying to your banner?" Well, no. This is very real. And one of the things that was very important in the discussion that followed the talk I gave on the dictatorship of the proletariat (" Dictatorship and Democracy, and the Socialist Transition to Communism"), was the question about whether there's "a perfect fit" between this Christian Fascist program and the interests and needs of the ruling class, at this time at least. (This discussion was published in the RW #1261, December 12, 2004.)


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News :: [none]

Federal Government's Attack on Minority Preservation

"With the proposed amendments agencies and businesses will only have to consider those properties listed on the national register. The majority of properties on the national register were financed by the wealthy and those providing political favors. It is mostly comprised of mansions, high style buildings, and plantations. Especially in our state of Virginia to be deemed significant the property will have to be linked to the elite founding fathers of our country. In other words the wealthy white populations that have ruled are the only histories which will be saved. The Section 106 process forced business and agencies to look beyond this overwhelmingly white history and consult to the local population as to what is significant. This encouraged minority, ethnic, and the poor communities’ rights. Businesses have been complaining about this policy ever since it’s introduction in 1906."

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News :: Peace & War

Mayor Jennifer P. Dougherty joins Mayors for Peace! Tadatoshi Akiba, the Mayor of Hiroshima to speak!

Announcements and updates from the Stop The Bombs International Peace Walk from Oak Ridge Tennessee to the United Nations in New York city.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Who Rules America

...they not only slant what they present, but also they establish tacit boundaries and ground rules for the permissible spectrum of opinion. As an example, consider the media treatment of Middle East news. Some editors or commentators are slavishly pro-Israel in their every utterance, while others seem nearly neutral. No one, however, dares suggest that the U.S. government is backing the wrong side in the Arab-Jewish conflict, or that 9-11 was a result of that support. Nor does anyone dare suggest that it served Jewish interests, rather than American interests, to send U.S. forces to cripple Iraq, Israel's principal rival in the Middle East...

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Commentary :: Civil & Human Rights : Elections & Legislation : Miscellaneous : Peace & War : Protest Activity

Populist #1

Introduction - the Necessity of Democracy to Our Prosperity

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Announcement :: [none]

Weekly Radio Show on WRIR 97.3 LPFM

tower.gifThursdays from Noon-12:30pm

This week on the Richmond Indymedia Center's weekly radio show Muna Hijazi will bring you the highlights from this site as well as two interviews: Zarina Zarif, a local activists and college student and Mike Town, an organizer with the Sierra Club-Appalachian Region.

Please tune in at Noon or listen online at www.wrir.org.

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Commentary :: Gender and Sexuality

Prejudice Against Blondes

There is a form of racist prejudice in this country that seldom is ever acknowledged—namely prejudicial stereotyping of blonde people (particularly in negative ways). Often it is subtle and other times notso; and yet it seems more pervasive than many people may be willing to believe.

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Review :: [none]

What I Got Out of "How to Get Anything on Anybody"

"If you really want to know all the ways our government, police, and private spy-geeks can monitor your life, dig in...."

This is the first review in a new project for this site. Other reviews in the works include Betsy Leondar-Wright, Class Matters (to be reviewed by Annette Walker of UE Local 160); David Solnit, Globalize Liberation (to be reviewed by Farhang Rouhani of Mary Washington University); and Martha A. Ackelsberg, "Free Women Of Spain: Anarchism And The Struggle For The Emancipation Of Women" (also to be reviewed by Sue Frankel-Streit)


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Announcement :: [none]

A Week of Earth Day Events

Clean Power Now! No New Nuclear Reactors! Let Us Together Speak Truth to Power! Please come join these important Earth Day events. Your presence, even at just one event, can help these events be a success. These reactors will be built unless we take action. In honor of Earth Day, please give one day to help this campaign WIN!

Thursday, April 21
11:30 a.m. - “Come Clean, Dominion!?
Rally and Press Conference
Dominion Headquarters
7th and Cary Street, Downtown Richmond

Dominion is fleecing Virginia consumers through its excess profits that came as part of “deregulation? of electric utilities and by receiving taxpayer money to finance its new nuclear reactors.

It’s time to tell Dominion to “Come Clean!? No more excessive profits and no more dirty energy! We will be assembling at 11:30 (putting up banners and signs) The press is invited at 12:00 noon. This event is being coordinated by The Sierra Club (along with PACE and Public Citizen).

Friday, April 22
8:30 a.m. - Protest at Dominion Shareholders’ Meeting

Sunday, April 24
2:00–4:00 p.m. - Reception and Talk at the Opening of the Chernobyl Photo Exhibit

Gabriela Bulisova, the photographer, and her husband, Kevin Kamps, from the Nuclear Information Resource Service, will be speaking about the exhibit and what we must do to prevent a similar catastrophe from happening again. The gallery will be open to the public Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. April 24th through May 6th.

Tuesday, April 26
(The anniversary of the 1986 nuclear disaster in Chernobyl)
7:00 p.m. - Film: “Chernobyl Heart?

This is a very powerful film that has been shown at the U.N. and which has won an Oscar for its portrayal of the effects of the disaster on local residents. The film will be shown at the Sierra Club Headquarters, 6 North 6th Street, Suite 102, in Richmond (Downtown between Franklin and Main Streets).

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