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Take Action:From the Ongoing Sit-In at Washington University in St. Louis

The following is from a student participating in the ongoing sit-in/occupation in the main administrative building of Washington University in St. Louis. The sit-in is in support of campus workers who do not currently receive a living wage. Currently the sit-in has been going on for over 24 hours(as of noon april 5). Below this message is a list of ways you can take action.

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Southeastern Regional Anarchist People of Color Conference Reportback

Last weekend, March 25-27, radical people of color from across the nation gathered in Asheville, North Carolina. There, at the Southeastern Regional Conference of Anarchist People of Color, we breathed a collective sigh of relief and turned that shared breath into shared struggle: personal, social, and organizational relationships; histories, hopes, and plans for social change.

One of the very first questions asked in the opening discussion of the Southeast Regional was “What is anarchism?? Over the course of an hour, almost everyone present threw out their own definition, idea, or perspective on anarchism. The list of definitions began with “working to end all systems of domination? followed by “complete and total freedom, with a sense of responsibility, respect and collective effort.? Some said anarchism is simply no single, central doctrine; or simply the act of organizing outside of any institutions or system. A reoccurring definition that persisted throughout the conference was that of anarchism as self-definition and self-determination. This perspective seemed pressingly salient to the attending people of color, with the idea voiced repeatedly in many different ways, such as autonomia, zapatismo, hybridity, and recognizing/recreating who we are.

In all of these definitions, many emphasized that anarchism is very importantly something we do; the actions of our lives individually and collectively.


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News :: Environment

CO2 and El Nino

CO2 growth rate.JPGCO2 accumulates faster in the atmosphere during El Nino, as the warmer surface water decreases CO2 absorbtion by the oceans.

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News :: Gender and Sexuality

Muslim Women "Tell It Like It Is" in Film Documentary Series

Muslim women are starting to talk frankly about the issues confronting them, their hopes, dreams and experiences. But those issues have moved from the quiet tea circles and hushed conversations to more public forums and open debate about how to bring about change.

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News :: Labor & Class

Orioles' Opening Day, Workers Organize

The United Workers Association is in continuous negotiations with Baltimore Orioles owner, Peter Angelos to improve working conditions at Camden Yards.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

The New American Slavery

So what are you going to do about it??? abababaabaa oh nice.

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Commentary :: Miscellaneous

BTL: Race/Gender Wage Study Reveals Surprising View of U.S. Work Force

Interview with Avis Jones-DeWeever, Institute for Women's Policy Research, conducted by Between the Lines' Melinda Tuhus

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News :: Media

To ALL RW READERS: Change is in the air

We are excited to announce that on May 1st 2005 we will be changing the name of the RW/OR to


We believe this name change more fully reflects our revolutionary communist ideology and politics, and the enriched vision of a tribune of the people that has been pioneered by RCP Chairman Bob Avakian.

This May 1st will mark the end of 25 years of the Revolutionary Worker/Obrero Revolucionario!


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Announcement :: [none]

UMW living wage protest, April 8th

On the heels of the dramatic Georgetown success, the University of Mary Washington Living Wage Campaign will be having a rally outside the administrative building calling for a Living wage for all campus employees and contract workers. The rally will be at 12:00 noon, on Friday, April 8th in front of George Washington Hall on the UMW campus in Fredericksburg, VA.

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