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VAWN Readies for Ft. Bragg

Statewide organizers with the newly formed Virginia Anti-War Network (VAWN) are mobilizing people for the upcoming 2 year anniversary of the launch of the current war in Iraq on March 19th. A large scale, regional protest is being organized in Fayetteville, North Carolina, home of Ft. Bragg and the 82nd Airborne Division. For the second year running Fayetteville Peace and Justice, a local affiliate of Military Families Speak Out, will be hosting the rally.

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Dalit Baum Brings Israeli Activism to Virginia

With stops in Blacksburg, Richmond, Smithfield, and Charlottesville that included a wide variety of meetings and people, the Virginia Anti-War Network's first state-wide tour featuring Dr. Dalit Baum was a resounding success.

Dalit Baum brought a sense of humor and clarity to a number of topics - the Israel/Palestine conflict, the apartheid wall and the relationship between various types of oppression, just to name a few. Connecting issues was a prevalent theme throughout all of Dalit's appearances, such as when she spoke in Richmond about the group Black Laundry and how it ties gender, sexuality, and occupation issues together:

"It actually wasn't so weird to connect these things, because we saw that people on the other side of the street in the counter-demonstrations were always connecting them - just like calling Women in Black 'whores'. They immediately saw the connection between being a sexual traitor and a national traitor, so why wouldn't we recognize it? What brought me to the peace movement was my gender and sexuality. Obviously, there is a connection. So the idea was to bring everything we are to everywhere we go and say everything we want to say."

All of Dr. Baum's presentations centered around the apartheid wall that is now being constructed between Israeli and Palestinian settlements. She provided disturbing images of this wall and the communities it affects, and also showed people the very latest map (just three days old) of the wall's path, which snakes through Palestinian territory, creating eight isolated Palestinian areas. People can find this map online at the Israeli government's own website.

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Yes, the Democrats are Neo-Cons too!


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March 20th - Worldwide Screenings of WMD: Weapons of Mass Deception


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16th World Festival of Students and Youth - Caracas, Venezuela

Hands Off Venezuela Campaign

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Announcement :: Environment : Protest Activity : Urban Development

Green and Black Urban Gathering this June in Philly


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Calling a Nazi a Nazi

Anyone who has studied the history of the Nazis would be hard pressed to differentiate between a Nazi and a Neoconservative.

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News :: Animal Rights

Post-Olympics Greece or A Look into the Belly of the Beast

According to Greek sources, most of the surviving abandoned street dogs of Athens, purportedly “saved? by the municipal government in a last ditch effort to appear “virginal? before the world and the press, are nowhere to be found.

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Wireless World: Keeping phone numbers

A story about the portabiliy of mobile phone numbers.

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WHEN BUSH COMES TO SHOVE: youth acitivist conference, March 11-13, NYC


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