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Commentary :: Women

Support and protect women’s health in 2008 by attending Pro-Choice lobby day!

The new year is here, which denotes the start of the 2008 Virginia General Assembly session. Our legislators will be seeing tough legislation that will limit access to reproductive health care. It is extremely important that our legislators know that Virginians support legislation that is prevention focused and supports women’s health, especially since we anticipate many threats to basic reproductive healthcare.

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News :: International Relations

Negroponte/Rosen meetings with General Kiani Nov 2007

JONATHAN MANN, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR: There's something to watch for in Pakistani politics. Civilian leaders appoint a military commander, then the military commander overthrows the civilians. That's how Pervez Musharraf got his job, and he wasn't the first.

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News :: International Relations

Negroponte/Rosen visits to Pakistan November 2007

"The real choice we face is not between Musharraf and a return to an effective democratic system, but between Musharraf and the possible collapse of Pakistan," Rosen wrote in a letter to the editor appearing in this week's edition of the Jewish Daily Forward. In addition to Musharraf, he met with General Ashfaq Kiyani, the deputy chief of staff who is expected to take over for Musharraf as head of the army, as well as ministers and intelligence officials.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

What the world doesn't know about Annapolis


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Interview :: Civil & Human Rights : Education : Elections & Legislation : Media : Urban Development

ChooseYourVote.Org Interviews Presidential Candidate Frank Moore

ChooseYourVote.Org Interviews Presidential Candidate Frank Moore on Family Life, Political Experience, Personal Career, Who He Admires Most, Iraq, Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden, Iran, Military, Counter-Terrorism, Immigration Policy, National ID Card, Security Agencies, Gun Control, Drug Policy, Medical Marijuana, Entitlement Programs, Medicine and Medical Care, Taxes, Budget, Dollar, Economy, North American Union, Environment, Energy Policy, Abortion, Gay Marriage, Net Neutrality, Federal Judges, Education, Domestic Policy, Foreign Policy, and Miscellaneous ...

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News :: Miscellaneous

The Iranian Zarathustrian origins of Christmas

The ancients believed that December 25th (according to the Julian calendar) was the birth date of Mithra, the legendary Iranian warrior-cum-superhero, who represented Ahura Mazda (God) in his age-old battle against Ahriman, or Satan.

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News :: International Relations

European Central Bank pumps $500 bn into banking system

TO SUCCEED over the global credit crunch in aftermath of sub-prime crisis, the European Central Bank (ECB) has announced to grant a record double loan to its banks. The ECB has decided to pump 348.6 billion euros ($501.5 billion) into the banking system through its banks. Though lending to banks at 4.21% rate of interest is available only for two weeks, it is expected that the grant will boost the diminishing confidence of the bank.

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News :: Peace & War

Chinese Multinationals, Stock Markets, Banks, Oil and hightech players: The biggest boom

Get investment, trade, and finance lessons and know how on China. How do over a half million international companies make profits in China? How do Airbus, Dell, Wal-Mart, Citibank, Morgan Stanley, Microsoft, Cisco, GM, Motorola, Unilever perform there? Also, learn about Chinese multinationals and banks: Huawei, TCL, Haier, Ping An Insurance, China Oil, China Chemical, Bank of China, and Internet players.

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News :: Media

Flesh-eating bacteria surfaces in Hong Kong, kills 55-year old man, doctors say

Hong Kong’s Centre for Health Protection is investigating a case caused by a flesh-eating disease involving a 55-year-old Wan Chai man who died December 27.

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News :: Elections & Legislation : Globalization : International Relations : Miscellaneous : Peace & War

Courage in the Crosshairs: Ron Paul and the Republic

Captain Eric H. May, the Internet intelligence writer, offers fresh insight on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan. He poses an all-important question for Americans: if presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul also in the crosshairs?

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