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Commentary :: Protest Activity

OK Reformists...

please email this to yourr reformist friends

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Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights


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Interview :: Labor & Class

Building Bridges Radio: Representative John Conyers

Building Bridges: Your Communiyt and Labor Report presents this 28 minute radio program. TO LISTEN CLICK ON WEB LINK.

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News :: [none]

Richmond Youth for Social Justice March Against Violence on MLK Day

At 10am on Monday, January 17, 2005 the Calhoun Community Center's sidewalk was jammed with 30-40 people. The heavily bundled crowd braved the 25 degree temperature to march through Downtown Richmond's Gilpin court promoting non-violence. In the middle of the group stood two young men with a banner that read, "Stop the Violence. Sponsored by Youth for Social Justice."

Inez Thornton came to read a poem about youth violence. "Violence is the cry of an unheard voice. When a child has no one to listen to them, then they lash out. We see it every day in this city, black communities aren't being heard."

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Announcement :: Gender and Sexuality

Freedom from Marriage: A Queer Forum Against Gay Marriage

On January 19th, in Washington, D.C., there will be a discussion on the topic of queers challenging gay marriage at the J20 Convergence Center Queer Space (6:00 PM, 39 New York Ave RED Line)

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Announcement :: [none]

Pro-Choice Lobby Day in Richmond on Thursday, February 3rd

Come to the State Capitol in Richmond to lobby your elected officials.
We Need You There to Make History on Pro-Choice Lobby Day 2005!

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News :: Peace & War

Two Vicious Iraqi Collaborators Fallujahed As They Leave US Base


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News :: Globalization


ARTS, 911 & POST 911

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Announcement :: [none]

Appalachia Apocalypse: The human face of Mountain Justice Summer

There is not only a dreadful ecological toll to Mountain Range Removal--but it has a human face as well. This is a call to action. The picture is of Jeremy Davidson, 3, who was killed when a boulder was dislodged by a bulldozer and came crashing through his bedroom from a Mountain Top Removal site. He was crushed in his sleep. The picture was taken by Michael Williamson.

Mountain Justice Summer is a direct call to action for the people to stand up to the attempted destruction of a people and a cultural heritage through mountain range removal. We must have your help to fight. Others ask for your money. We need you.... We are asking for volunteers to dedicate a summer to our efforts.... We see our call to action as an emergency plea, in desperate circumstances -- to rachet up the resistance to the atrocity of Mountain Range Removal before it's too late.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Tsunamis and Wars

The vast disparity between US government spending on wars and natural disasters and the reasons for the difference.

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